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Lansi communication's on-board terminal that meets the standard of road transport vehicle satellite positioning system has been officially announced by the Ministry of transport.

Lansi communication 3G on-board video terminal has been strictly tested by the one-stop service center through the Ministry of transport, and meets the jt/t and jt/t industry standards. What materials are used as brake pad materials in the delivery? We made an inventory of the joint control information service of national key operating vehicles under the Ministry of communications, and became a qualified supplier of the industry standard of the Ministry of communications

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in order to regulate the development of the satellite positioning industry and guide the orderly improvement of the industry, the Ministry of transport issued the transportation industry standards of the people's Republic of China jt/t "technical requirements for current on-board terminals of road transport vehicle satellite positioning system" and jt/t "communication protocol and data format of on-board terminals of road transport vehicle satellite positioning system", Xiamen Lansi Communication Co., Ltd., as a manufacturer of on-board equipment research and development, responded to the call of the Ministry of transport and actively participated in the detection. The two on-board terminals lz8713/lz8713swp submitted for inspection passed the detection at one time, and became the first batch of on-board terminals that passed 3G video detection. Xiamen Lansi Communication Co., Ltd. has been unanimously recognized by the judges with its strong enterprise strength and rich industry experience

the promotion of the industry standards of the Ministry of communications has increased Sony's involvement in the future, which may also enhance the research and development of electrode materials and surrounding parts, and has developed the competitive threshold of the GPS industry, accelerating the standardization and centralization of the industry. The future industry competition is the focus of the future, not only to provide customers with high-quality, standardized and easy-to-use products, but also to truly create greater value for customers

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