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Electrical equipment industry: the bid winning results of Wulanchabu wind power base were announced, Tesla's delivery in the first quarter was disturbed by short-term policies

core recommended combinations: Goldwind technology, China nuclear construction, Tianshun wind energy, new Zebang, Guodian Nari

wind power: the bid winning results of Wulanchabu wind power base were announced, wind power returned to the three north to drive the large-scale onshore wind turbines, and the industry concentration will continue to increase. This week, the bid winning results of the 6million kW demonstration project of Wulanchabu wind power base phase I of the National Power Investment Corporation of Inner Mongolia were released. The bidding capacity of the first bid section was 1.4gw. The bid winner was Shanghai Electric, and the main winning models were 4 MW fan; The bidding capacity of the second bid section is 1.3gw. The winning bidder is Goldwind technology, and the main winning model is 4 It is the 16mw model with the fastest development of new materials in recent years; The bidding capacity of the third bid section is 0.9gw, and the winning bidder is China Ocean decoration, and the main winning model is 3 2MW model; The bidding capacity of the fourth bid section is 1.3gw, the winning bidder is Mingyang intelligent, and the winning model is 4.0mw; The bidding capacity of the fifth bid section is 1.1gw, and the winning bidder is Dongfang Electric, and the winning model is 4.2MW. Judging from the bid winning results, the fan types in all bid sections are more than 4MW, and the trend of large-scale onshore fans is obvious. At the same time, the scale of the wind farm helps to reduce the overall development cost of the wind farm, and the batch shipment of fans helps to reduce the production cost of fans and achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase. Leading enterprises have strong R & D capabilities, and their fan power and fan type selection are ahead of other manufacturers. The return of wind power to the three North logic is being gradually verified, and the industry leader is expected to increase its market share again. There are obvious signs of recovery in the wind power industry. It is suggested to pay attention to Goldwind technology, a leading wind power enterprise, and take the arithmetic mean value of 10 samples tested, Mingyang intelligent and Tianshun wind energy, a leading wind tower enterprise. Casting and forging enterprise Riyue Co., Ltd., Jinlei wind power and Siemens core supplier Zhenjiang Co., Ltd

nuclear power: a new round of medium and long-term nuclear power planning is being formulated. Nuclear power can be started within this year, and it is expected to be sustainable after the restart of subsequent projects. At the 2019 Spring International Summit of the China nuclear energy sustainable development forum, Liu Baohua, deputy director of the national energy administration, said that a new round of medium - and long-term development plans for nuclear power were being formulated. This time, we will continue to improve the third generation nuclear power technology and promote the research and development demonstration of small reactor and fourth generation reactor technology; Overall consideration of the balance of the whole nuclear power industry chain; Strengthen nuclear power cost control and market awareness, and improve the competitiveness of nuclear power in power market transactions. At the same time, he also said that nuclear power projects are expected to start construction in succession this year. Since 2015, nuclear power projects have been at a standstill. According to the announcement of accepting the EIA report of Guangdong taipingling nuclear power plant phase I project and Fujian Zhangzhou nuclear power plant units 1 and 2 issued by the Ministry of ecological environment on March 18, 2019, taipingling nuclear power phase I and Zhangzhou nuclear power plant units 1 and 2 are expected to start construction in June 2019. At the same time, on November 23, 2018, the Ministry of ecology and environment issued a public notice (nuclear and radiation) on the approval opinions of the environmental impact assessment documents of the construction project to be made on November 23, 2018, and proposed to make approval opinions on the major special cap1400 demonstration project (Construction stage) of the large-scale advanced pressurized water reactor nuclear power plant. Cap1400 unit project is ready in the early stage, and subsequent approval is expected. The restart of nuclear power projects is expected to drive the release of orders from equipment manufacturers in the industrial chain. It is suggested to pay attention to nuclear power builders China nuclear construction and nuclear power main equipment manufacturers Dongfang Electric and Shanghai Electric; Explosion valve leader China nuclear technology, nuclear valve leader Jiangsu Shentong, steam generator U-tube supplier Jiuli special material, cap1400 pump casing and explosion valve body manufacturer Yingliu shares, nuclear power cable supplier Shangwei shares, nuclear power control rod supplier Zhefu holdings; And China nuclear power, the only A-share nuclear power operation target

new energy vehicles: Tesla's delivery fell month on month in the first quarter, mainly due to the short-term disturbance caused by the change of the preferential tax credit policy for electric vehicles in the United States. Tesla produced/delivered 77100/63000 new cars in the first quarter, down from 86555/90700 new cars in the fourth quarter of 2018. The core reason is that from January 1, 2019, the federal government's tax relief for Tesla car owners has been reduced from the original $7500 to $3750, resulting in an early transfer of some demand to the fourth quarter of 2018. The core reason why the delivery volume is lower than the production volume is the logistics constraints. About 10060 vehicles are on the way to global customers, and the vehicle delivery will be transferred to the second quarter. The preferential tax credit policy only causes short-term disturbance and does not hinder long-term development. Model3 is already the best-selling medium-sized high-end car in North America, with sales volume 60% higher than that of the runner up. The annual shipment target remains unchanged between 10000 vehicles. Affected by the explosion of Jiangsu chemical plant, two major EC manufacturers, taipeng and Taida, shut down, and the price of solvent EC rose rapidly. The price of electrolytic cobalt rose with the foreign media. 1) Medium and long-term cycle: the technological iteration in the midstream and the optimization of downstream supply will be the main line of long-term investment, and the two are fundamental to driving industrial development. Continue to recommend Enjie shares, dangsheng technology, new Zhoubang, putailai, Hongfa shares, Ningde times. 2) Medium and short cycle: the A00 model turns to lithium iron phosphate to reduce costs, as well as the restorative growth of passenger cars. Lithium iron phosphate battery manufacturers benefit from it. They pay attention to Penghui Jinmin's energy and GuoXuan high tech after a number of experiments and customer validation

power equipment: according to the call of many provincial and national companies, actively promote the construction of ubiquitous power IOT. Recently, leaders of Companies in Beijing, Tianjin and other countries and provinces made important speeches to seriously study the connotation of "ubiquitous power IOT", actively promote the progress of relevant work, and clarify the construction content and path. We believe that the provincial companies have responded to the call of the national headquarters relatively quickly, and the implementation of ubiquitous power IOT is progressing steadily. According to their own conditions, companies in all provinces will start with the upgrading of information terminals, the improvement of national cloud core modules, the development of distributed energy and other paths, and the subsequent specific implementation rules are expected to be implemented one after another to increase market attention again. As an intelligent service system that realizes the interconnection of everything in all links of the power system, human-computer interaction, and comprehensive state perception, UBI is promoted by the national level, and is expected to accelerate the business expansion of relevant enterprises, focusing on the software layer: Minjiang hydropower, Guodian Nari, and Guangyuan software; Hardware layer: Jinzhi technology, Haixing power, Linyang energy, etc

risk tips: the installed demand of new energy is less than expected, the new energy power generation policy is less than expected, the new energy vehicle policy is less than expected, and the macro-economy is less than expected

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