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A variety of composite doors and windows have joined the ranks of "lecherous"

according to the survey of American DuPont company on China's profile market, the application of color doors and windows in the market is growing at a rate of 200% - 300% every year

many well-known profile enterprises at home and abroad, such as Zhejiang Zhongcai, Dalian Shide, Wuhu conch, Xi'an high tech plastics, Hebei Baoshuo, Beijing Futian, Anhui Guofeng, Germany kemeling, Germany Vica, Japan YKK Yoshida building materials, Canada Royal, have introduced color profile technology, and both plastic doors and windows and aluminum doors and windows have joined the ranks of "lusty"

Chengdu xinxiyingmen door and window Co., Ltd. is responsible for the production of 12% People who research and develop products said that they have produced fusible and moldable tough materials: "the colors of doors and windows are becoming richer and richer. The more advanced technologies such as two-color coextrusion, film coating, spraying and heat transfer printing make the doors and windows have more diverse textures and rich colors, and the tightness of the screws in the fixture should also be checked regularly."

"our Feiyu doors and windows have also changed the previous single tone in recent years, and began to design more fashionable color doors and windows and more modern design style" said the boss of Feiyu doors and windows

thermal insulation aluminum alloy color profiles, steel plastic coextrusion color profiles, aluminum plastic composite profiles, aluminum wood composite profiles, etc., further increase the performance of energy conservation, heat insulation, heat preservation, shock resistance and sound insulation. Some experts predict that color profiles will account for 50% - 60% of the profile market in the next few years

too fast or too slow will lead to different test results. From the current color profiles in the plastic door and window industry, the existing colorization processes include surface spraying, two-color coextrusion, surface coating, full body coloring, etc. Plastic colored profiles with different processes have certain differences in performance, surface texture and color types. Different colored processes need to be selected or used in combination according to different use environment, climate type and decoration requirements

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