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Variable data printing will become the mainstream technology in the market editor's note: Recently, more and more enterprises in the whole industry have adopted variable data printing technology. This technology has passed the stage of testing and entering the niche market, and has become the mainstream technology in the printing industry. Even if it has not been widely used, from the perspective of users - whether from the standpoint of marketers or printing service providers - people want to know how to make better use of this technology

the statistical data obtained by industrial measurement company in 2006 shows that at present, nearly half of the printing plants can provide customers with a certain degree of variable data printing services, whether it is simple mail printing or more complex variable text and variable image printing. Although most variable data printing household activities produced by variable data printing companies (internal production or outsourcing) are mail inserts, 44% of printing plants can still produce color printing activities containing 1 to 12 variable data (text or image), in addition, 10% of printing plants can produce color living parts containing more than 13 variable data

How did these changes happen? The industrial measurement company once conducted a survey on variable data printing in the printing factory in 2005, and the data obtained at that time was basically the same as now, but the biggest difference between now and then is the production of color documents containing variable words and images. The number of printing plants that can produce color movable parts containing 1 to 12 variable data (text or image) has more than doubled, while the number of printing plants that can produce more complex printed movable parts (containing more than 13 variable data) has also increased by about 25%

of course, not all variable data printing live parts are color. In fact, most variable data printed documents are black-and-white documents with dual functions of transaction and publicity, such as sales and consulting letters of insurance or financial companies. Due to certain complexity, these moving parts are driven by AFP workflow and produced by companies other than commercial printing plants. However, it is necessary to point out that they are actually one of the personalized documents with the largest output at present

knowledge learned from this field

with the gradual increase in the number of enterprises engaged in variable data printing, how do they know the effectiveness of variable data printing? How can printing customers save investment and improve their return opportunities

1. Creativity is more important than output

first of all, marketing companies do not need to use a huge database to improve sales performance. What they need is a clear and accurate database, and the use of this database should also be flexible and creative (in a quiet environment) to hear the sound of electromechanical servo system operation

the biggest example is the use of drawing programs, which can help marketers calculate the distance between each recipient's home and the ideal location (retail stores, seminars or other places). Under normal circumstances, these inexpensive programs can help people collect the most effective information and integrate them with powerful marketing tools

let's take Pancho Villa, a chain restaurant in Mexico, as an example to discuss this problem. When it opened a new restaurant in Portage, the only thing it needed was a mailing list from local residents. However, the letters they send are not the same (for example: Hi, Bob! Do you like Mexico? Come to our new store and have a seat!), But with a certain degree of creativity. What the company sends is a kind of colored email made with drawing software, which can really attract the attention of the recipient. The content of the email is like this: Bob, you are only 8 meters away from portage's best Mexican burrito! Then, it will invite the recipient to its new restaurant to taste Mexican burrito for free

therefore, the restaurant became crowded and bustling during the promotion period. Many local residents drove here to see whether the distance indicated on the email was correct. Of course, in addition to free pancakes, these customers will always order many other foods to take home for tasting

kelly graphics is another variable data printing factory, which helps its bank customers succeed. By using public information and software designed by Mike kazakevitch, the company's boss, Kelly graphics can assess the number of potential customers who are paying mortgages. The letters they print can help each potential customer calculate the savings from another low interest bank loan. It is understood that the return on investment of this letter is as high as 1200%

2. Collecting, collecting and then collecting

drawing and loan calculation methods are not suitable for all marketing plans, and the lack of detailed data often puts marketers in a passive situation, but they already know that they can obtain the required list and detailed data through a variety of channels

marketers can use the following methods: collect a list of buyers with additional geographical data, such as income level or marital status. This list can be used alone or integrated with existing lists

zeiterion theater is a theater located in New Bedford. In order to improve its audience attendance, this theater cooperated with Reynolds DeWalt, a printing service provider, to jointly produce a list of audiences who are most likely to come to join. Considering the income level and other factors, Reynolds DeWalt developed such a "gold content" audience list and sent them personalized emails. This email encourages recipients to fill in personal information on personalized pages and use this information to exchange free tickets to the theater. Personalized email has brought great rewards to zeiterion Theater: 21% of the recipients have logged in to their own personalized pages, of which 14% have filled in more detailed information

when the shoe manufacturer Wolverine wanted to launch a new hiking boots, it knew it needed a more powerful database. Therefore, it worked with Gore Tex (not a competitor of the company) to find out the list of customers who are most likely to buy shoes around all retail stores. During the promotion period, the company sent personalized coupons and a store map to these potential customers, making its new hiking boots the best-selling product in all stores

through customer surveys, such as sending a personalized URL to the recipient, marketing companies can collect more geographic information related to customers. Next, we can understand the benefits of this through two examples provided by Podi

relationship marketing is an agent company that specializes in providing one-to-one communication services. It specially designed and produced a personalized magazine to show its ability to customers and potential customers. First, it will let customers accept a small survey, and then according to their special interests and needs, it will produce a personalized magazine. Tongling grisea is one of the few companies in the world that can produce special-shaped copper strips

bazzirk, a marketing intelligence company, has developed a marketing plan called pwrplay, which can help marketing companies connect with business managers who are difficult to find. For customers who participate in this program, bazzirk will send them a gift bag with gifts, colored trademarks and personalized brochures. The personalized brochure also contains a personalized URL and a gift photo that you can get as long as you meet the salesperson. When a customer browses a personalized URL, she or he will answer some questions raised by the company

3. Test all kinds of products and apply the results to future marketing plans

another difficult task is to test all kinds of marketing products and factors in marketing plans, and apply the test results to future marketing plans

for example, when GPC wanted to add demographic information to its marketing plan, it really took a lot of trouble. Its customer superstop! It is a regional convenience store chain. The purpose of the company is to promote a new beverage sprite to its loyal customers. The gender of the customer is not the concern of the marketing plan for the static load zigzag, cross grain tensile and compression splitting experiments of wood, but GPC still adds the gender option to the card. When sorting out customer replies, the company was surprised to find that a large number of respondents were young men. This is really strange, because young men have always been the biggest opponents of direct mail. Now it seems that they are also full of interest in one-on-one personalized marketing letters, which is a very important signal

leadgenesys, another variable data printing company, also pointed out that their customers like to divide mail into different parts, each part for a different product. Since such letters generally encourage customers to log in to personalized URLs, customers can evaluate the effectiveness of each product in real time. A customer found an interesting phenomenon in this process. He first divided the email into two parts, each of which introduced a different product. Product a got a high response rate, and product B got a lot of valuable clues. From the perspective of customer response rate, product a seems to be more dominant. However, leadgenesys suggests that people adopt another method of analysis: add potential customers with the same statistical information as customers responding to product B to the marketing list, and then adjust the survey results of a and B. How effective is this? The response rate of letters and the number of valuable clues have increased significantly

needless to say, more and more variable data printers will share the test results as a prerequisite for establishing a cooperative relationship. This is very beneficial to the repositioning of the company. The identity of the variable data printer will change from a printing service provider to a marketing service provider. This change will be reflected in corporate culture, product pricing and staff quality. Therefore, we can say that the more successful the product test and the longer the cycle, the higher the profitability of the marketing plan

in addition, this method can also promote the traffic of personalized URL. If variable data printers can monitor pages, they can automatically obtain these test results

4. Integrate your media

the most important thing that variable data printers and their customers have learned in the past year is to combine different media if you want to improve your return on investment. As we have seen in other marketing activities, multi-channel marketing can maximize the role of various media and increase the chips for improving your return on investment, especially when you use the smallest data

Pantone has made good use of this principle recently. The company recently launched a new product specially used for monitor calibration. Considering some customers

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