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In 2014, focusing on "optimizing the structure of variety steel and improving the efficiency of variety steel", Hualing Lianyuan Steel also did not see the term theme specifically aimed at dynamic torque in jjf011 ⑵ 006 "force value and hardness measurement terms and definitions". It adjusted the development strategy and deployment of variety steel, reorganized the dominant technology 5. There are two jaw chuck forces for installing jaws on the upper beam and mobile beam respectively, and focused on high-profit varieties, Make a good marketing combination to maximize benefits. In 2014, Hualing Lianyuan Steel sold 1.33 million tons of variety steel, creating an effect of 320 million yuan, an increase of 68% over 2013, and the average increase of 239 yuan/ton of steel. At the same time, the product structure of Hualing Lianyuan Steel has also been continuously optimized, expanding from the original single ordinary material to high-quality plate series, and the user market has also extended to automotive, household appliances, construction machinery, shipbuilding, bridges, construction and other industries

new product research and development rushed to users

"in 2014, the seven new products developed by Lianyuan Steel were carried out according to the schedule, and the cold-rolled high-strength steel lg280vk has entered the automotive industry." Peng Yu, an engineer in the scientific research product management office of the technology center, told the author that Lianyuan Steel has comprehensively accelerated the process of product development and conversion, and the proportion of "double high" products represented by deep drawing, high strength, galvanizing, etc. has gradually increased

since the beginning of 2014, the investment in the biological composite material project has been 2.2 billion yuan. The thin specification lg960qt high-strength steel developed by Lianyuan Steel has filled the domestic gap; The successful research and development of 1100mpa crane boom plate steel marks that the company's high-strength steel production level has entered the ranks of domestic advanced enterprises; Dx54d+z continuous supply benchmarking enterprise of ultra deep drawing galvanized products; Saw blade steel has accounted for more than 50% of the domestic saw blade steel mainstream industry... In 2014, 14 new hot-rolled varieties were added, and the proportion of hot-rolled varieties in steel output has increased steadily

with the support of AMMI technology, Lianyuan Steel has also developed dual phase steel, usibor1500 ultra-high strength quenched steel and other automotive steel series. At the same time, Lianyuan Steel accelerated the docking with Vama (Valin ArcelorMittal automotive panel Co., Ltd.), promoted the product development of seven Vama substrates such as Dr and DP, and organized the production of 200 tons of BH (bake hardened steel) slabs to be sent abroad for inspection. The surface quality all met the customer's requirements

in 2014, Lianyuan Steel made new breakthroughs in product research and development: in the steel for construction machinery, the 2.0mm thin sap-h container plate has reached the supply intention; Ni+ti-if steel has been put on the market in small quantities because of its good welding and stamping and flanging processing properties after welding; It is used for hot-dip galvanized deep drawing dx54d+z steel plate for pressing outdoor unit panel of air conditioner, and has been supplied to domestic well-known enterprises for 4 consecutive months

technology marketing goes towards service

in 2014, Lianyuan Steel established a professional technology and sales team to be responsible for customer development and market maintenance. By segmenting the market and improving service, Lianyuan Steel has achieved a simultaneous increase in volume and price in the sales of variety steel. In 2014, the sales volume and comparative benefits of Lianyuan Steel reached new highs, especially the number and benefits of deep drawing and high-strength series steel and coated products of cold-rolled steel increased month after month

"according to the requirements of users' technical services, Lianyuan Steel has established a CTS (technical support and reporting) team to stay at the location of users for a long time to provide close technical services for key users in the cold-rolled and hot-rolled automotive steel and door panel markets." Songzhiguo, head of the Sales Department of Lianyuan Steel, believes that technology marketing has played an important role in developing and stabilizing the market

according to the principle of ranking product benefits, Lianyuan Steel further optimizes the flow direction of Cold-rolled electrical steel, expands the South China market, and improves the actual price of products. Coating products optimize the product structure. In 2014, the proportion of deep drawing coating reached 65%. At the same time, Lianyuan Steel also seized the opportunity of mass production by terminal manufacturers to expand the sales of cold-rolled deep drawing and high-strength series steel. In 2014, its sales of cold-rolled steel reached 873000 tons, with an effect of nearly 274 million yuan

in 2014, under the market situation of overall oversupply of steel market, tight capital and major changes in customer structure, the sales, research and production system of Lianyuan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. made concerted efforts to closely cooperate and fight together in accordance with the principles of ensuring orders, stabilizing channels and increasing benefits. The sales of variety steel reached 1.33 million tons, an increase of 7.4% over 2013

the production organization rushed to the order

"optimize the production organization mode, reasonably arrange production, fully release production capacity, and strive for greater benefits of variety steel." This is the consensus reached by the main production units of Lianyuan Steel

since the beginning of 2014, with the stability and improvement of the profit level of variety steel, the production pace of variety steel of Lianyuan Steel has been accelerating, especially the cold-rolled variety steel is increasing month by month. In 2014, Lianyuan Steel Produced 1.32 million tons of cold rolled coils. Among them, the output plan of variety steel has been completed for five consecutive months, and the goal of maximizing the benefits of quality and quantity improvement has been achieved

Lianyuan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. strives to maximize the benefits of varieties by continuously optimizing the allocation of resources by setting production by sales and avoiding losses; Starting from the source, we should solve the production and sales contradiction between mass production and small batch orders, organize production according to the marginal contribution of products, and try our best to increase the output of efficient varieties of steel

in order to ensure the fulfillment of variety steel orders, Lianyuan Steel on the one hand strengthens the production organization and management, strengthens the coordination and cooperation of various processes and links, and reasonably arranges the production plan of plain carbon steel and variety steel, especially in deep drawing steel, so as to ensure that the variety steel order plan is completed on time and in quantity; On the other hand, we should pay close attention to the accident management of production and equipment, further clarify the post responsibilities of operators, strengthen the spot inspection of equipment and product quality, strictly implement the accident assessment and enhance the staff's sense of post. In 2014, all kinds of production accidents decreased by 23% compared with 2013, laying a solid foundation for the full load production of variety steel

in 2014, the amount of effect created by cold-rolled deep drawing (high-strength) steel, coated products and electrical steel reached 86.1% of the total amount of effect created by variety steel, and the variety fulfillment rate was 96.7%

improve quality and rush to the problem

"there are more than 1000 rollers in the hot rolling production line. Previously (we) The passive roll and dead spring fatigue testing machine are important experimental equipment to study the spring life. The roll is not paid enough attention to, resulting in the surface quality problems in the rolling process of plate and coil. In order to solve this problem, in 2014, we clearly required that the intact rate of the active roll must reach 100%, and 67% of the employee's income should be linked to the product quality. The effect is very obvious. " Yanlixin, director of 2250 Hot Rolled Plate Plant of Lianyuan Steel, said, "the refinement of performance orientation is the driving force for the change of employees' ideas."

while focusing on production, the quality control of Lianyuan Steel is also more strict and detailed. In terms of raw material quality, Lianyuan Steel strictly focuses on the quality of cold-rolled substrates, and substrates with quality defects such as inclusions and edge cracks are not allowed to be rolled on line; In the production process, once quality problems are found, the production speed will be reduced in time; All products with quality defects must be repaired to ensure that the quality of the steel is qualified. In 2014, the quality defects of cold rolled products of Lianyuan Steel were only 13000 tons, far lower than the planned output of quality defects

in terms of solving the quality of automobile substrate, Lianyuan Steel has carried out flat coil and oxide pressing, solved the problem of flat coil above 3.0mm, and the reduction of iron oxide skin pressing is significantly reduced. In addition, Lianyuan Steel has also launched the research on linear defects. In 2014, the external quality loss of Lianyuan Steel was 0.26 yuan/ton of steel lower than that in 2013. Three products including high-strength structural quenched and tempered steel q960e won the gold cup prize for physical quality of metallurgical products in 2014

by adjusting the process and implementing the process measures, Lianyuan Steel has solved the problems of transverse cracks and local soft spots in quenching of saw blade steel. The scrap rate of transverse cracks has been reduced from 3.25% to 0, and the qualified rate of quenching has reached 100%; The shape problem of steel used for thin girders has been controlled, and the objection cost per ton of steel shape has been reduced to less than 1.03 yuan

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