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Future data of VDMA German plastic and rubber machinery

IOT and services are entering various industries, bringing new challenges and opportunities. It is understood that VDMA German plastics and Rubber Machinery Association said that the basic concept under the trend of industry 4.0 is the establishment of "intelligent chemical plant". At present, the building waterproofing association is also promoting the transformation of the waterproofing industry from simple manufacturing to manufacturing plus service. Many machines have been equipped with a large number of sensors to generate data for process optimization and network interfaces (such as for remote maintenance). At present, these data are mainly used for the process optimization of the machine itself. Usually, the production plant does not control the machine centrally, but the material processing, reprocessing, batching, conversion and finishing are controlled separately, and the components are provided by different manufacturers. In this case, there is no communication between the data. VDMA said that under industry 4.0, data exchange between machines is very important, so new models need to be conceived. The association pointed out that a comprehensive optimization process will improve production quality and production efficiency due to reduced downtime

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