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A variety of robot products performed well at Beijing Essen Welding and cutting exhibition

on June 4, the 17th Beijing Essen Welding and cutting exhibition opened at the Beijing International Exhibition Center (new pavilion). The nine major projects launched by the company, including the robot four machine plus positioner coordinated welding system, the robot plasma cutting system, the spot welding robot system, the cold metal transition thin plate welding robot system, the thick plate welding robot workstation, the robot automatic loading and unloading dual machine welding workstation, the basic welding unit and the robot off-line simulation system, demonstrate the strong technical strength of the company from multiple perspectives, Its outstanding performance has been highly concerned and praised by professionals

motoman robot multi machine coordinated control technology is leading in the world. One controller can control up to 8 robots and 72 axes to realize the simultaneous movement of various combinations. The robot four machine plus positioner coordinated welding system on display should be handled with care if it needs to move, which fully reflects the characteristics of Motoman multi machine coordinated control technology. In production practice, the use of multi axis robot control technology can realize various special processes and engineering requirements, reduce system configuration, save floor space, shorten the production cycle, and carry out welding heat. Due to its excellent characteristics, deformation compensation is widely used in the construction field

the robot plasma cutting system on display is composed of hp20d robot and plasma cutting equipment, which are ready to contact us at any time. This type of robot has a wide range of activities, stable and accurate movements, and can complete complex workpieces. In March, the cutting task was reduced to $17 million. The system has the characteristics of simple programming, high machining accuracy and fast working efficiency

motoman es series spot welding robot is one of the fastest robot products in the world. It has the characteristics of fast action speed and high repeated positioning accuracy. All position deflection deformation compensation function ensures the accuracy of action

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