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Varnish, antirust paint, new anti-corrosion paint three times to protect Zhongshan warship

varnish, antirust paint, new anti-corrosion paint three times to protect Zhongshan warship

May 12, 2008

[China paint information] on May 6, in Hubei Provincial Museum, Zhou songluan, general director of the cultural relics protection of Zhongshan warship --- director of the cultural protection department of the Provincial Museum, I am carefully checking my "overall maintenance and protection plan after the relocation of Zhongshan ship" on the computer. In fact. About half a month later, the Zhongshan warship will be moved to the Zhongshan Warship Museum in Jinkou, and Zhou songluan will be responsible for repainting it, repairing and anticorrosion

the "clothes" now worn on the Zhongshan ship are also designed by Zhou songluan -- 11 years ago, the moment the Zhongshan ship broke through the water, Zhou songluan's eyes never left it

Zhongshan warship wears three kinds of "clothes". At the beginning of the salvage of Zhongshan ship, in order to protect the cultural relics immediately, the heavily rusted hull was pretreated with varnish, which has a limited anti-corrosion effect. Later, when repairing the life boat and gun of Zhongshan ship, anti-corrosion was adopted. 1. Adjust the direction rust paint of metallographic microscope and light source, but the anti-corrosion effect was still poor

therefore, in 1998, Zhou songluan and the Institute of modern industrial technology specially developed a new type of anti-corrosion coating. This coating, which looks like an ordinary paint, can be used on the surface of the ship for more than 15 years. Now, small metals and new materials such as special pipes, magnetic materials, optical germanium components, nuclear grade zirconium used in Zhongshan ships are expected to benefit from this coating. Zhou songluan also won the third prize of Hubei science and technology

after 11 years of wind and rain, Zhongshan ship will be repainted after entering the exhibition hall before it can see customers

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