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A variety of environmental friendly synthetic leather appeared in the shoe materials and accessories Museum

on the first day of the opening of the shoe Expo, it was seen in the shoe materials and accessories museum that a number of shoe materials exhibitors traded in spot at the port one after another, showing their latest developed products less than yesterday. An'an (China) Co., Ltd. brought the company's latest environmental protection masterpiece in 2011 - Oshu degradable fiber leather; Lanfeng leather shows its latest "crystal cold pressing series" and "imitation leather super fiber cold pressing series" products; Huachang international bright tensile strength elongation at break out of the "ultra light seamless" and other nine series of new products

in the exhibition hall of An'an company, the space design highlights the theme of "green and environmental protection", which complements the concept of environmental protection products displayed by the company. The company's main new product this year, Oshu degradable fiber leather, is a natural bamboo fiber made from bamboo fiber by a combination of physical and chemical methods, and has natural antibacterial and deodorizing properties. It is a truly green and pollution-free environmental protection innovative product

in recent years, An'an company has successively launched five independent brand products, including "An'an" Pu high-density synthetic leather, "Aoke" polymer super leather, "Jianjian" toluene free environmental anti suede leather, "Xianshi" environmental ultra soft super fiber, "Yijie" environmental PU synthetic leather, and all indicators are ahead of similar international products

xuxiyong, Minister of trade of Fujian Lanfeng Leather Co., Ltd., introduced that this year, Lanfeng leather mainly displayed three national patented products obtained by the company: imitation leather super fiber products, high-density super fiber cold pressing products, and imitation leather crease free products. On the basis of environmental protection, these products have added innovative elements. "It is particularly worth mentioning that we have applied cold pressing technology to crystals and achieved 'crease free' microfiber leather through cold pressing technology, which are all major technological breakthroughs in the synthetic leather industry."<4. The relevant person in charge of Zhongyu Leather Co., Ltd. told that new technologies, materials and processes for resource conservation and environmental protection have always been the direction of the company's research and development efforts

zhangjincong, President of Huachang international, also said that it can be cut into multi-functional coatings with different characteristics. The nine series of products displayed by the company this time, including "ultra light seamless", "thermosol" and "crease free", are the latest products developed by the company and are specially supplied to internationally renowned shoe enterprises. Foreign brands have very high requirements for environmental protection and functionality of shoe materials, so every product displayed by Huachang international this time, Both have the functions of environmental protection and innovation

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