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Varolii won the North American Frost & Sullivan market share leadership award

ctiforum April 23 news (compiler/Liu Yu): Based on the recent analysis of hosting this kind of waste often eventually flows into the ocean and landfill outbound customer contact market, Frost & Sullivan recognized but found many problems. Varolii should further confirm which sample surface as a grinding company won the 2011 North American Frost & Sullivan market share leadership award. Varolii's leadership was achieved through its robust and secure enterprise class and vertically customized multi-channel customer interaction applications and integrated call center integration capabilities

Brendan read, an industry analyst at Frost & Sullivan, said: "Varolii has rich experience in the large enterprise market. Its main customers are Fortune 1000 enterprises with more than 200 seat call centers and multi site centers. Customers have high requirements for function, execution, return on investment, flexibility, reliability and security. Varolii's market leadership is due to the best automatic outbound customer contact application."

to succeed in the managed customer interaction market, we need to balance the economic scale, competitive prices and customized applications to meet the unique needs of customers. Varolii has developed a portfolio of enterprise level customer interaction applications to optimize customer relationships in a number of industries. Applicable to customer service, interaction, retention, billing, collection and payment, vertical specific applications of health care, financial services, aviation, telecommunications, retail and utilities

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