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How about the function of vatti smoke range set range hood i11124+i10051b? Start with the advantages and disadvantages evaluation

this vatti cigarette range set, range hood and gas range set, i11124+i10051b automatic cleaning range hood is new. My friend's home is using it, so I recommended it to me. I started this vatti i11124+i10051b later, and shared my recent views on how to start using it. I hope it can be used as a reference for my friends later

first use experience: the range hood is very good, has great suction, is cheaper than the physical store, the brand quality is qualified, and the price is affordable. The installer is also very good. You can check out the products and raw materials in contact with food at any time to strengthen the production and safety, health and quality control; Accelerate the development and utilization of high-end polyolefin pipeline special materials, series of rotational molding special materials, 3D printing consumables, medical plastics, bio based polymers, bio decomposition plastics, bio based plastics and other special materials; Accelerate the development and utilization of multi-functional alloy materials such as conductive, heat conductive, antibacterial, temperature resistant, anti fog, high toughness, super strength and flame retardant; Accelerate the production and utilization of Vicat softening point testing machine for special engineering plastics such as aromatic heterocyclic polymers and their high-performance composites by adopting computer control technology, windows Chinese (English) interface and high-performance modified materials; Speed up the research, development and utilization of green plasticizers and heat stabilizers. The noise is relatively low, and the automatic cleaning function is relatively convenient, which is generally satisfactory

evaluation after using it for a period of time: Please click here to view the detailed content introduction


the promotional price of this vantage i11124+i10051b in the flagship store of vantage tmall is ¥ 5999.00. Friends in need may wish to pay attention to it, and activities are more valuable

detailed configuration parameters:

brand: vatti/vatti

more user comments:

1. The smoke machine and stove have been received and look very good! The large screen is still much better than the keys. According to the customer service, it's intelligent and can be opened by waving. The service attitude is great and the introduction is very patient. I'll show a video after I install it

2. It's very tall and powerful. It can be divided into six grades. The staff and sellers are very good. Thank you.

the development space is hard to estimate.

3. I have always trusted vatti, because I have used a water heater for 13 years, and there is no problem at all. This time I took a suit, which really didn't disappoint me. It's great. Big brands are different. They are cheaper than physical stores. Introduce customers to your store more, The customer service staff are full of stars, sunflowers, little sister is really good, and the after-sales staff are good. After installation, the master wiped the wall again

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