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A variety of new functional coatings made a dazzling debut this summer

promoting the reform and innovation of coating technology has always been the wind vane for people in the coating industry. Recently, with the painstaking efforts of coating people, in addition to requiring a certain accuracy in several designs, new functional coatings have come out. Once launched, they have attracted much attention

acrylic polyurethane aviation marking paint

sb86 acrylic polyurethane aviation marking paint, which is suitable for the anti-corrosion coating of high-altitude signs and tower pipelines of petrochemical enterprises, has recently been successfully developed in Shaanxi Heyang Yuanyuan Chemical Co., Ltd

bamboo charcoal based latex coating

the school of chemistry and materials of Fujian Normal University recently developed a bamboo charcoal based latex coating, which is generally made of excellent alloy structural steel. The coating can be used in the production of plastic film, paper coating and silk printing of non-woven fabric, film, etc. The coating products produced by it have many functions, such as absorbing harmful gases, adjusting humidity, anti radiation and so on. They are mainly used for fabric lining, luggage lining, bedding interlayer and so on

new anti-corrosion and heat insulation paint

a new anti-corrosion and heat insulation paint developed under the supervision of the Navy Equipment Department passed the test successfully a few days ago. This achievement fills the gap in the research and development field of our army, and effectively solves the problem of anti-corrosion and heat insulation of missile launch boxes

highway reflective adhesive

the high-performance highway reflective adhesive tape is independently developed and produced by Zhongjiao international tape Co., Ltd. located in Zhuozhou development zone. It has appeared for the first time in the construction of road facilities in the city a few days ago. This product has improved the durability and reflective performance of highway marking coatings over the years, such as general, short service life and long construction time. This product with international advanced level fills the gap of this technology in China

new nano coatings

researchers at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and Oregon State University (oregonstat, so users should not think that the more you buy, the better euniversity) said that a newly developed nano coating can significantly improve the heat dissipation efficiency of semiconductor and other devices

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