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Made in Zhejiang: "made in China" pilot field

recently, Yitian company executives were interviewed. As the first batch of enterprises in the industry to win the made in Zhejiang and the most "made in Zhejiang" certification certificates in the industry, Yitian is undoubtedly a backbone enterprise to promote the development of the "made in Zhejiang" brand. It not only bears the influence of the "made in Zhejiang" brand, but also leads the industry to standardization, efficiency Professional brand building has accelerated Zhejiang's economy to another commanding height. For the brand development representatives of "made in Zhejiang", the "Yitian" sample is the test field of "made in Zhejiang"

Yitian is picky about the "made in Zhejiang" standard. As the "national" laboratory with the largest number of integrated stove detection projects, Yitian laboratory has eight invention patents here, and Yitian's efforts in products are unimaginable. For a "smiling face" fire cover, Yitian accurately required the research value that the production unit can adapt to new requirements, new materials and new technologies to a few decimal places in a short time. Through accurate accounting by more than 50 technicians and 120 national laboratory tests, the material, thickness, airway passage and pore density/shape of the fire cover were finally integrated to find an optimal balance point, with a thermal efficiency of more than 621 Experimental pressure: it is the most important factor affecting the core configuration of hydraulic testing machine;%! It is not only a big step to improve quality, but also brings unprecedented energy conservation and energy consumption to hundreds of millions of families

taking "intelligent manufacturing" as a breakthrough in the quality improvement of "made in Zhejiang" is another major direction of Yitian enterprise planning. As an industry leader with 26 years of brand development, high-end quality building has been the trademark of Yitian products. At present, Yitian Industrial Park has six production lines of the third phase plant, including the most advanced ovens, steamers, integrated stoves and other production lines in China, as well as various large-scale professional CNC stamping equipment. As a key planning project in 2017, the construction of phase IV "smart factory" not only has an investment of nearly 100 million yuan, but also has a planning area of 45000 square meters. After the completion of the project, the intelligent production not only greatly improves the product refinement and product performance, but also promotes the efficient production of intelligent products and leads the development of the industry to a new height

complying with the "the Belt and Road", Yitian's products are not only highly praised in the country, but also exported to some countries including the "the Belt and Road", such as Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and other countries. Yitian has become a high-end brand in the local kitchen electricity market. In order to further promote the brand influence of "made in Zhejiang", increase the frequency of exchanges with foreign markets, and promote the rapid development of economy and trade, Yitian has participated in international exchange and cooperation exhibitions with global influence for many times. The main business of the company's modified plastic materials has an obvious feature in recent years, such as Hong Kong Spring electronics exhibition, China Import and Export Commodities Fair (Canton Fair), Vietnam International Trade Fair, and actively explore excellent global dealers, Carry out global cooperation and exchange, and promote the brand charm of "made in Zhejiang" to the global market

in order to create a high standard "made in Zhejiang" Yitian, we have clarified the development direction, solutions and use the target products, and actively promote the rapid development of the "made in Zhejiang" brand. There are many stories about Yitian. With the spirit of excellence, dedication and love for kitchen appliances, and unique R & D and creation, Yitian has always been at the forefront of the industry on the road of "made in Zhejiang". As the leader of China's integrated stoves, Yitian will lead the industry to a higher glory in the future

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