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Lin'an Grand Canyon town test instrument calibration construction engineering

Lin'an Grand Canyon town test instrument calibration construction engineering

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Lin'an Grand Canyon town test instrument calibration construction engineering

subvert the tradition; High definition TFT true color high-resolution display screen, the display is not affected by strong light; Small fuselage, large function, waveform, measurement results at a glance; Using the method of vertical incidence of shear wave, the measurement accuracy is higher than that of conventional longitudinal wave thickness measurement, and the measurement is easier; The ultrasonic wave is excited by electromagnetic method, and the workpiece is the source of ultrasonic wave, which is not affected by the angle. The measurement result has nothing to do with the zero deviation of the probe, and the measurement accuracy is higher; The probe can be lifted off, and the thickness of rough workpieces with oxide skin, paint layer and so on can be measured without grinding; During the detection, no couplant is required, which has no impact on the environment and reduces human, material and financial resources; Wide range of temperature application. Product introduction the innovative non-contact thickness gauge (probe suspended) is very useful for thickness measurement in high temperature environment, and there is no consumption of high-value consumables such as high-temperature couplant in the detection, and the cost is low

calibration of test instruments

hzstyqjc Dongguan Shitong instrument testing and Calibration Center (instrument calibration center in South China) is recognized by the accreditation Society (Code: l3170) and the laboratory mutual recognition Organization (ILAC MRA). It reduces the friction between the pipe wall and the transmission medium through CNAs project 69, and is professionally engaged in instrument calibration through ISO17025 measurement standards Instrument calibration Instrument calibration

instrument detection Instrument measurement External calibration of instruments Third party manufacturers, authoritative certification bodies and instrument sales CNAs certified and trained trusted third-party fair laboratory The company adheres to the concept and policy of "science, justice, accuracy and". The company's business is mainly distributed in the Pearl River Delta region: Dongguan, Shenzhen, Huizhou, Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Foshan, Zhuhai, Jiangmen, Heyuan, constantly committed to the improvement of service standards, Zhaoqing, Qingyuan and other major cities. The test data of Dongguan Shitong instrument hzstyqjc

is complete: the test results are very timely, and the relevant data and materials will be permanently retained in the form of storage, printing, etc., for analysis and processing at any time. Safer: using this technology will not cause damage to relevant personnel. More flexible: the on-site detection is very convenient, and you can choose the manual or automatic mode at will according to the actual situation

calibration of test instrument

can display the remaining battery power in real time, and has power-saving functions such as automatic sleep and automatic shutdown. Measurement range of technical parameters: (determined by the probe), Special probe range: (determined by the probe) probe range: precision type: standard type high temperature type: cast iron type: display accuracy: 0.1mm and measurement unit: metric (mm) measurement accuracy: ± (0.5%h0.04) MMH is the actual thickness of the measured object. Measurement cycle: 4 times/second for single point measurement

about "our advantages"

1 Rich experience: has served many customers and industries, has a deep understanding of instrument calibration technical services in various industries, and has skilled and profound cases of different instrument precision and quality system requirements in different industries

2. Scope of testing and calibration capability: it has passed the requirements of ISO17025 measurement standards, and has approved more than 400 calibration and testing projects, covering a wide range of accreditation

3. Technical team: covering the ten measurement majors of length, mechanics, temperature, electromagnetism, radio, optics, time and frequency, physics and chemistry, acoustics and ionizing radiation

4. Quality service: arrange to leave the factory 24 hours a day, strictly control the accuracy of the instrument, adjust the instrument if it is not allowed in the detection process, and issue the legal authority certificate within working days of the instrument calibration service cycle

5. National Qualification: Calibration Laboratory number of China National Accreditation Commission for conformity assessment

No: cnasl3170

measurement authorization certificate recognized by Guangdong Bureau of quality and technical supervision

certificate number recognized by Guangdong Bureau of quality and technical supervision

6 International mutual recognition: list of signatories of IAF mutual recognition agreement

IAF mutual recognition agreement

International Accreditation Forum (IFA) (member) and the International Commission on electronics and electrical machinery (IEC) and i

cnas has become an accreditation institution recognized by globalgap

it can be checked off the factory all over the country

product introduction xxgh-3005 X-ray flaw detector adopts corrugated ceramic tubes with high voltage, large power, small volume, stable performance and long service life, which makes the X-ray generator smaller, lighter, more reliable and better in terms of earthquake resistance. The company has production equipment for X-ray tubes and high-voltage wire packages, advanced assembly technology and process, high quality, high quality, high cost performance and durability

Lin'an Grand Canyon town tester Jinan gold assay testing machine corrects the application in copper and copper alloy strip. The construction engineering

b scanning function can display the sectional view of the probe moving track, which is used to observe the bottom surface of the measured workpiece. It is particularly helpful for the corrosion of the bottom surface of the workpiece. It can analyze the thickness value of any point of the moving track of the B-scan image. Compared with traditional measurement methods, zk180 through coating ultrasonic thickness gauge has the advantage that it can complete the thickness measurement as long as it can contact the side of the measured workpiece

four quality assurance of WorldCom calibration:

1) the instrument testing and calibration services provided are operated in accordance with the national laboratory operation specifications, instrument and equipment verification regulations, as well as relevant standards, regulations and technical specifications

2) all operators are professional metrological verification personnel with high professional ethics and authorized permission, who work with certificates

3) the standard is a national legal license and within the validity period. The measuring range and accuracy requirements meet the requirements of the tested equipment, and have been traced to the upper level measurement standard

4) the calibration certificates and test reports of the supplied instruments and equipment are scientific, fair and complete, reliable, and recognized and recognized by other members of the multilateral mutual recognition agreement of the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation Organization (ILAC MRA)

calibration of testing instruments in Lin'an Grand Canyon Town Construction Engineering

calibration of testing instruments

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