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Chengdu taxi on call service trial run call the on call call call center to make an appointment

can't get a taxi in the morning and evening rush hours? Can't see the car in the back alley? From today on, such troubles will gradually disappear. Yesterday, it was learned from the Municipal Transportation Committee that citizens can now call a taxi through one. It is reported that at present, the Chengdu on call service center has basically met the service conditions. The first batch of 90 high-end dedicated on call vehicles have been prepared and will start trial operation today to accept appointments from citizens. The model of high-end special call car reservation is 2.0T maiteng car. The charging standard is: the starting price is 12 yuan (including 2km), and the charge per kilometer is 3 yuan. Call booking service fee: 15 yuan per set within the Third Ring Road and 20 yuan per set outside the third ring road. At the same time, among the existing operating vehicles, 1000 ordinary vehicles also carry out reservation on call and instant on call services to meet the travel needs of citizens

before calling, passengers need to register as system users or wing payment users

the relevant person in charge of Chengdu Transportation Commission told that after putting into operation, the call taxi will use the unified number 962999. As long as citizens dial this, they can book taxi services, and passengers who use the call service for the first time need to complete a registration process. It is reported that Chinatelecom users can call 962999 and register the system according to the voice prompt; You can also log in to Chengdu taxi on call service center station () to register. After successful registration, you can use the registered and registered password to call the call center 96299, which can be divided into synthetic and waste 9 to make a taxi reservation

non Chinatelecom users need to register as wing payment users. You can register and obtain the payment password of wing payment through wing payment Officer (); In addition, non Chinatelecom users can also log in to Chengdu taxi on call service center station () to guide, such as change notice, regulatory testing and investment support, and some regulations formulated to ensure supply security to enter wing payment registration. After successful registration, you can use the registered payment password of Heyi payment to call 962999 to reserve a taxi

it is worth mentioning that if the passenger is already a passenger of wing payment users, he or she can directly call call 962999 to reserve a taxi

on call service is divided into instant call and reserved call

the person in charge said that passengers will enter the on call service voice response system after dialing 962999. According to the prompts, passengers can choose instant call and reserved call. It is reported that the calling business requiring the called taxi to arrive at the designated place within 30 minutes is instant call; The special or reserved car calling business with more than 30 minutes is the reserved call

passengers need to provide the operator with their own location or surrounding landmark buildings, as well as the required vehicle types and the 300 billion euro global medical technology market. The vehicle arrival time is increasing at a rate of about 6% every year. The person in charge told that the operator would input the passenger's location into the special call system, and the system would automatically query whether there were vacant call taxis nearby. It is reported that the system will take the passenger's location as the center and take 200 meters, 500 meters and 1 kilometer as the search radius. Once an empty call taxi is found in the search area, it will immediately send instructions to it. At the same time, the telephone operator will inform the passengers of the self number and license plate number of the call taxi in the form of text messages. It is reported that passengers can book multiple taxis at one time. At present, plastic packaging materials account for more than 30% of the total amount of various packaging materials. You can book a vehicle a week or more in advance

the starting price of high-end special reservation on call car is 12 yuan

at present, the municipal development and Reform Commission has issued the charging standard of taxi on call. The cost incurred after each successful call is composed of service fee and fare, and the service fee is charged according to the two standards of instant call and reservation on call. Among them, a service charge of 5 yuan will be charged for an instant call within 30 minutes. For an appointment call of more than 30 minutes, the charging standard varies according to the scope of service. The service fee is 15 yuan per time within the Third Ring Road and 20 yuan per time outside the third ring road

the person in charge told that the service charge of the call taxi would be charged by means of access deduction, that is, the passenger service charge paid by wing would be deducted through wing payment account; For passengers who use non wing payment, the service fee will be charged in the registered wing payment account, and passengers only need to pay the fare after arriving at the destination

the fare is settled according to the time of playing the meter. The newly added model of high-end special call car reservation specifically for call service is 2.0T maiteng, with a starting price of 12 yuan (including 2 kilometers) and a charge of 3 yuan per kilometer. If another taxi is called, the fare will be charged according to its current tariff

it is worth mentioning that if the balance in the passenger's wing payment account is not enough to pay the service fee, it will not be possible to successfully call a taxi. Once the instant call is successful, no matter whether the passenger cancels the call or not, a service fee will be charged. However, if it is due to the vehicle that cannot arrive at the boarding point on time, the operator will cancel the call service and refund the service fee after consulting the passengers, or arrange other vehicles for the passengers. However, if the call is reserved, as long as the passenger cancels the call service before the scheduled time, the system will not charge the service fee

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