The hottest Tesla supplier said it would recycle p

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Tesla supplier said it would recycle plastic bottles

c3 venture, a private company that produces plastic components inside cars, is one of Tesla's suppliers. In line with the concept of "turning waste into treasure", it said it would establish recycled plastic bottles in Flint, Michigan to produce auto parts

flint is recovering from serious water infrastructure problems in the past few years. Due to the high level of lead in the city's water, people have to use tons of bottled water

Bob Schaffer, chairman and founder of C3 venture, told mLive that the new production facility relocated from China and Turkey would create 380 jobs. In a report, he also said, "producing low-carbon electric vehicles is our core mission." It's a small thing, but for flint, it's a big thing. When you see a plastic part in a Tesla Model3, you need to know that it may come from an old water bottle

on July 26, AP reported that C3 venture announced that flint city's position and investment in C3 venture FL would move to Flint River View Industrial Park after chewing in its mouth, and 400 new employees would be recruited, covering an area of 65000 square meters. C3 venture has unique advantages in the cultural exchange between the two countries. It will invest US $9.68 million to purchase 17.69 acres (71664 square meters) of land in Le Boulevard to produce plastic parts for Tesla Motors. The company will initially build 16000 square feet of office buildings (14 more and more automobile OEMs begin to consider choosing environmental friendly materials with low emission characteristics to improve the air quality in vehicles, 88 square meters), 19600 square feet of industrial buildings (1822.8 square meters), and will install injection molding machines and other production equipment. The work in this industrial zone will begin in the autumn. In the first year, the company will recruit 50 people, and in the second year, it is expected to recruit 400 people when production expands. Michigan Economic Development Corporation today granted C3 venture 5.7 million performance-based loans. If the company achieves milestone performance, the loan will become an appropriation

Tim Herman, President of flint Jonas chamber of Commerce, said he appreciated today's announcement and said the project would help flint exceed the goal of 1000 new jobs. Herman said that the 380 jobs C3 is committed to creating are part of Flint's broader work goals announced earlier this year. In addition, they are seeing the return of valuable industrial real estate to productive use. This is a strong signal that flint is opening up to enterprises

Schaffer said that C3 venture includes real estate, manufacturing and other various shares, not just plastic companies. He said, "C3 refers to clean air, water and soil. Our core mission is to produce components for zero emission electric vehicles. We are trying to become an environment-friendly expert expanding to the production process

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