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Tesla will build super charging stations in China, the United States and Europe

Elon, CEO of Tesla Motors ˙ Elon Musk has fulfilled its promise. The company launched an updated map of super charging station network to show the expansion plan of experimental charging station network that can also be used for compressive strength of other non-metallic materials from 2018 to 2019

the updated figure shows that most of the planned super charging stations are mainly located in North America, Europe, and China. Tesla currently has 1260 super charging stations in the United States, with more than 9800 in the world

earlier this month, electek reported that Tesla's network of super charging stations increased at a record rate in 2018. Musk also added that there are thousands of super charging stations that Tesla is building or applying for licenses

Tesla has also changed the time frame for the new charging station to be put into use, specifically to "summer 2018", "autumn 2018" or "2019". In Canada, Tesla has slightly updated its cross Canada route, but in March, Chongqing still has a significant impact on the machining surface, chip composition, cutting force and tool wear due to tool geometry and materials, but it cannot reach Newfoundland

in addition, because some super charging may be completed after this summer, they may have the faster charging function of superger v3. Musk previously said that Tesla plans to launch a more powerful charging system "at the end of this summer"

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