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Terrorist attacks delayed the European plastics recycling exhibition

due to the terrorist attacks in Brussels, the European plastics recycling Exhibition (PRS), which was originally scheduled to be held this week, was postponed. The organizer said that he contacted exhibitors and visitors and thanked them for their support on this difficult day

the exhibition was originally scheduled to be held in the Brussels Pavilion on March 22, but terrorists dropped bombs and exploded at the Brussels Airport and the subway station in the city center, so the European Plastic Recycling Association, an advanced design and manufacturing method, canceled the exhibition

the organizer of the exhibition said to exhibitors and pre registered visitors on March 23:

"there is no doubt that for Brussels, Belgium and Europe as a whole, yesterday (March 22) It is a very dark day. We extend our condolences and wishes to the people, friends and family members affected by this incident, and hope that all people participating in the exhibition can return home smoothly and safely yesterday. Our top priority now is to ensure the safety of exhibitors, visitors, employees, suppliers, etc. participating in the exhibition. We thank all participants for their calm and professional response today. We would also like to thank exhibitors and visitors for their support for the decision to postpone or cancel the exhibition in the short-term 2.2 autoshift: automatically switch to the appropriate range according to the load size. "

"we also believe that with these supports, the exhibition will resume soon, but the specific time has not been determined."

"all participants of the exhibition must ensure smooth contact. We will inform an appropriate time in the near future to re launch the thermal deformation centering device."

this is the second time that PRS Europe postponed the exhibition. The first time is that the exhibition originally scheduled to be held from November 25 to 26, 2015 was cancelled due to the terrorist attack in Paris in November

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