The hottest test shows that HDPE can be recycled a

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The test shows that HDPE can be recycled at least 10 times

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core tip: a practical test conducted by the Dutch container manufacturer ese world shows that high density polyethylene (HDPE) can be recycled at least 10 times under "controlled conditions"

[China Packaging News] a practical test conducted by ese world, a Dutch container manufacturer, shows that high-density polyethylene (HDPE tensile testing machine involved in this paper is an experimental equipment used to test the reliability of various conductors and connectors used in power transmission and transformation construction) can be recycled at least 10 times under controlled conditions

in a statement issued on January 24, the company said that in the past 30 years, they have been using recycled plastics to make containers

According to ese world, however, there is still a problem that has not been solved so far - how long HDPE can be processed, ground and reprocessed in the injection molding process without changing the structure and properties of the material

therefore, ese has established a controllable experimental model in its production facilities, so that HDPE pure material can be reused for 10 times

the company said: "after each step, we cooperate with external research institutions to analyze these materials."

this project is led by Dr. jeanett K ö HN, a plastic expert and scientist at ESE

"this test proves for the first time that the whole reuse process is produced in the natural rubber room of dandelion, and the injection molding and shredding processes have no impact on the characteristics of the material."

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