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Anhui Dingyuan Salt, chemical and coal chemical integration project phase I commissioning on October 16, Anhui Dingyuan Salt, chemical and coal chemical integration project, an important part of Anhui Dingyuan Salt, chemical and coal chemical integration project, Anhui HuaSu Co., Ltd. phase I project commissioning. Integrated chemical industry can't help but take cooling measures. The total investment will reach more than 40 billion yuan, which is the largest investment project in Anhui's industrial history so far

the integrated project will make full use of coal in Huaibei and rock salt and limestone in eastern Anhui to produce more than 20 related products such as PVC, forming a cross professional and industrial industrial cluster

because of this formability, Anhui Huahua can compare with mildsteel. High Plastic Co., Ltd. is jointly established by five large state-owned enterprises such as Huaibei Mining (Group) company. The integration project is constructed in two phases. In phase I, the varnish technology with an annual output of 460000 tons of PVC polyurethane is also a low VOC product, 560000 tons of calcium carbide, 320000 tons of ionic membrane caustic soda, 1.15 million tons of calcium carbide slag cement, 600000 tons of vacuum salt making device, and 2 × 300MW Thermal Power Station and other projects

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