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The state vigorously promotes the development and transformation of recycled plastic granulator the price of plastic chemical raw materials is also rising with the development of the economy. In the face of this phenomenon, the state has recently realized that 2 oxidation is the strategic support for building a modern economic system. In recent years, it has also vigorously urged the development and transformation of the plastic recycling granulator industry. In people's living environment, waste plastics are everywhere. Waste recycling companies, supply and marketing cooperatives and individual waste purchase stations all over the country have sufficient sources of goods at low prices. According to county-level regional statistics, the annual recycling volume is less than 1000 tons

application scope of waste plastic recycling granulator: the products of waste plastic recycling granulator are widely used in various plastic factories to calibrate and produce stationery, toys, plastic barrels, basins, turnover boxes, pipes, films, various packaging bags and woven bags commonly used in people's daily life for 5 sets of epidemic prevention medical equipment on site, as well as various plastic product fields such as chassis, boxes, gears and electronic devices in the electromechanical industry, Waste plastic recycling granulator has a good market prospect and its products are very popular

according to the processing households, the processing of waste plastics has a large profit margin. When buying waste plastics, they cost hundreds of yuan a ton. After processing, they can sell about threeorfour thousand, and some profits can reach eighteen or twothousand. Generally, it looks like a thin film. It can produce 40 to 60 tons a month. It can produce 90 to 120 tons of photographic materials every month. It looks like a white transparent one. It can buy 93000; Those with colors can sell for more than 8000; The greenhouse film can be sold for more than 6000; The waste film from the paper mill can be sold for threethousand threethousand fivethousand

the price of recycled plastics is only 50% of that of new plastics, which has a great competitive advantage. Since the 20th century, China has imported 2million tons of waste plastics from abroad every year, and it has increased at a rate of 10% every year. However, in China, in 2004 alone, the waste plastics reached 11million tons, most of which were not used, and new plastic raw materials are still being put into use. It can be seen that the recycling market of waste plastics is broad

the plastic recycling granulator reprocesses the waste plastics from daily life into the plastic raw materials needed by the enterprise. The price of recycled waste plastics is much cheaper than the rising price of plastic raw materials in recent years. With the strong support of the state, the new type of recycled plastic granulator is constantly optimized and updated to achieve the full, solid and smooth particles of recycled plastic raw materials. The recycled plastic granulator can reuse waste plastics, so that the shortage of plastic raw materials can be eliminated. It can reduce costs for enterprises that need plastic raw materials, and also alleviate the rise of the price chain

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