The hottest country will cultivate three hazardous

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The state will cultivate three hazardous chemical enterprises in Ningxia to strive for the top

recently, the polyformaldehyde plant of Shenhua Ningmei Coal Chemical Co., Ltd. and Shenhua Ningmei coal 1. Making samples: making samples according to the requirements of the experimental standards. The methanol plant of the chemical company and the three hazardous chemical enterprises of PetroChina Ningxia Petrochemical Co., Ltd. entered the first-class standardized national cultivation sequence enterprise that needs to browse the configuration in detail, As a key cultivating enterprise, it will strive to create an international advanced level in the same industry, have its own unique innovation points and highlights, and establish a safety culture system in line with the actual situation of the enterprise

it is understood that Ningxia has successively issued relevant standards and supporting policies in recent years to vigorously carry out work safety standardization, laying a solid foundation for ensuring that the task of creating work safety standardization will be fully completed by 2015

it is reported that among the 33 enterprises listed in the national first-class standardized cultivation sequence, three enterprises in Ningxia have entered the national cultivation sequence, which will effectively promote the standardization work in Ningxia

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