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At the Shanghai international nanotechnology cooperation seminar held on July 30, 2002, when there was no oil flowing out of the oil return pipe, an authoritative person disclosed that the state has begun to prepare to formulate relevant regulations. In the next oneortwo years, the nano access market may have to meet certain conditions. At present, Shanghai has taken the lead in setting up a nano material testing center to provide buyers with insight to identify "pseudo nano"

at present, more and more products are playing the "nano" brand. Due to the lack of inspection standards, ichthyosaurs rushed into the "nano" products that affirmed their strength and stiffness, making it difficult for people to distinguish between true and false. There are hundreds of enterprises in the Shanghai market under the banner of "nano", while only a few enterprises actually produce "nano" products. It is reported that nanotechnology is now simply a myth, and is described by enterprises as "universal" materials

since the emergence of nanotechnology in the 1980s, it is still in the research level research and development stage that needs further research at the beginning, and it is at least 35 years away from large-scale application. But it is undeniable that in a small number of areas, nano technology has really made people feel magical

lanminbo, executive deputy director of the nanotechnology development center of East China University of science and technology, introduced that some nano achievements have indeed gone out of the laboratory and tried their hand in people's basic necessities of life

it was revealed at the meeting that in order not to damage the reputation of nanotechnology, the state has begun to plan to formulate a nanotechnology standard to guide the market and entrust a professional measurement institution to determine whether the enterprise meets the market access conditions. At present, the city has begun to combine the nano material testing technology platform with the nano measurement laboratory to form the most comprehensive and internationally advanced nano measurement institution in China to detect the authenticity of "nano materials"

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