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CPI data squeeze the speculative space of plastic hot money

yesterday, the domestic PE market was stable and small, with little overall fluctuation. The overnight crude oil rose sharply, driving the futures to open higher in the morning. The merchants' mentality was good and they actively shipped goods. The quotations in some regions rose slightly. However, the futures fell later in the day, especially in the afternoon, when the futures fell sharply, the cautious mentality of merchants increased, and they watched the market for flexible shipment. The demand is still in the doldrums. The violent fluctuation of futures has aggravated the wait-and-see mentality of downstream enterprises. They purchase on demand and deal sporadically. At present, the supply of goods in the market is normal, and the mainstream transaction price in the LLDPE market is RMB/ton

from the perspective of capital flow (2) vernier caliper, the turnover rate was 498% on Wednesday and 478% on Tuesday. The turnover rate remained at a high level, the speculative power of trading remained unchanged, and it was difficult to continue the shock decline

in terms of fundamentals, with the decline of both inflation and economic growth, Chinese policy makers have previously made the statement that macro policies will be "pre adjusted and fine tuned in a timely and appropriate manner". There are frequent signals of fine-tuning fiscal policies and open market operations. Recently, there has been a sign of loosening the credit gate

the CPI data released yesterday in October was in line with the market's previous expectations and did not show many positive factors. After all, the stock market has gained more and more attention from enterprises after the fall of CPI triggered the development of new materials and new processes by the credit gate. Mensong microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine is mainly used for metal and non-metal tensile, contraction and zigzag experiments, and has rebounded by about 10% under the dynamic expectation, Whether the later funds can intervene in the risk assets will also be concerned about the trend of the domestic economic situation. Some people believe that if the foam of the real estate market cannot be effectively squeezed out, the real economy will not have enough funds to form a rising trend. Therefore, the policy of empty housing market will continue to be tight, so that the loose credit scale may not greatly help the trend of commodity prices

there is no obvious change in the supply and demand side of plastics (9160, -480.00, -4.98%), and petrochemicals are determined to support the price. The settlement price in the first ten days will become the guide of the spot market. It is expected that it is unlikely that it will be lower than 9500 yuan/ton, but there is no positive attitude in the demand side. Buyers pay more attention to the economic situation, and the current situation does not make people have more expectations for economic growth

on the whole, the fall of CPI is in line with expectations, the signs of credit easing have been realized, and the stock index has rebounded continuously. However, whether credit easing can make hot money enter risk assets is uncertain, so macro factors have no substantive impact. The linear fundamentals also limit the space for rise and fall. The probability of market volatility is greater, and it is difficult to form a unilateral trend in the short term

from the technical point of view, the price rose and fell yesterday with strong downward force, but the speculative force will limit the unilateral trend range. It is expected that the price will fluctuate between 9 and a wide speed regulation range. At present, the main contract has been transferred to 1205 contract. In terms of operation, you can reduce the short position orders when they fall, and then wait and see

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