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In the matter of buying a house, a lot of red notes swished to the other party's account. At that moment, my heart was really cool! When it comes to decoration, we have to cover some money bags, control the decoration budget, decorate clearly, and spend money on the blade! Let's talk about the decoration budget

decoration is a big project that costs money. If the decoration budget is not strictly controlled, how much money can be filled in. As a result, the more the house is installed, the more expensive it is, and the cost far exceeds the budget. Finally, it leads to a tragedy that the house can't afford furniture. Many people know how much they will spend to decorate their houses, but they don't know how to allocate funds in terms of building materials, furniture and electrical appliances. To find out this problem, we must first look at the cost of decoration

◆ how to allocate the decoration funds

generally, to settle down a new house, you must prepare three major expenses, including house decoration, furniture and electrical appliances. The proportion of reasonable allocation of funds should be as follows: Decoration accounts for 50%, furniture accounts for 30%, household appliances and others account for 20%

in the basic decoration, the general design cost accounts for 10% - 15% of the total decoration price, the material cost accounts for 50% - 55% of the total price, and the labor cost accounts for 30% - 35% of the total price

◆ understanding the decoration method

which way to decorate is often the first question for the owner to discuss with the decoration company or construction team. At present, the most common decoration methods in the market include clear package, half package, all package and package decoration. This issue focuses on which groups are suitable for the three methods of all package, half package and clear package

1. All inclusive decoration

the so-called all inclusive decoration is also called labor and materials contracting, that is, all material procurement and construction are the responsibility of the construction party. The advantage of all inclusive is that it saves time and effort, and the responsibilities and rights are relatively clear. Once there is a quality problem in the decoration, the responsibility of the construction party cannot be shirked. However, the all inclusive cost is high, and because the owner knows little about the price and types of materials, once the decoration company falsely reports the price, or jointly deceives with the material supplier, it is difficult for the owner to identify. All inclusive can be said to be a convenient and expensive decoration method, which is suitable for people who are very busy or have rich economic conditions

2. Half package decoration refers to that the construction party is responsible for the construction and the procurement of auxiliary materials, and the main materials are purchased by the owner. The advantage of half package decoration is that the owner can take the initiative of the main parts of the decoration, and buy the main materials by himself, which makes him more confident in terms of safety and economy. But at the same time, there are also shortcomings. For example, half a bag still takes a lot of time to go to the building materials market, and it cannot be easily decorated. Moreover, when signing the contract, it must clearly indicate which materials are provided by the decoration company and which are purchased by the owner himself, otherwise it is easy to be exploited by the decoration company in the later stage. Half package decoration is suitable for people who are busy but pursue quality, and also need some professional knowledge of decoration building materials

3. Cleaning and decoration

the so-called cleaning and packaging refers to a project contracting method in which the owner purchases all materials by himself and finds a decoration company or construction team to construct. The freedom and control of bag cleaning are large. Choosing materials by yourself can fully reflect your will. By visiting the market, you can have an intuitive understanding of the type, price and performance of materials. However, it requires more time and energy to clear the package, and it requires a good understanding of the materials, otherwise it will inevitably suffer losses in the process of dealing with material suppliers. The way of cleaning and decoration is suitable for those who know more about building materials, have certain decoration knowledge, and care for their families and work hard

◆ accurate calculation of house size

the accuracy of house size measurement is very important for budget control. The measurement room when decorating is different from that when buying a house. The top, wall and ground of the house need to be decorated. The owner measures the area of each part one by one. Those parts that need to be shaped also need the owner to measure the size of the shaped part. The owner should know the size of the house well before he can control the cost of purchasing materials

◆ understand the cost of materials and formulate a reasonable

decoration budget

when formulating the decoration budget, you'd better go to the large building materials market or home Plaza to learn more about the market situation, see more and compare more. Then, according to the predetermined area of the house, calculate the required quantity or size of decoration building materials and furniture, and finally formulate a reasonable decoration budget

don't change while doing it

the communication with designers and construction teams in the early stage must be careful and comprehensive, spend more effort, and don't rush to start. Some owners, at the beginning of the decoration, have no specific requirements and forming ideas for the new home, but they are eager to start work. In the process of decoration, the owners have a whim to increase or change the original design scheme. As a result, the material cost and labor cost have to be calculated separately, and the final result is budget overrun

what is the content of the regular housing decoration budget table

the regular budget sheet (or quotation) is roughly divided into two parts. The first part is the title, which requires the name of the decoration company, contact number, contact address, customer name, construction address, designer, budget date, house type structure. These are the basic information of customers and decoration companies. We can basically see the degree of formality of a decoration company and the importance it attaches to the budget

housing decoration budget table part II: classification of budget items. Generally, it is like this: serial number, project name, unit, quantity, unit price of main materials, unit price of auxiliary materials, unit price of labor, total, brand specification and process, remarks

◆ don't plant decoration on inconspicuous details

decoration is a hassle. Even if you have learned a lot of knowledge and done a lot of preparatory work in the early stage, you will still leave some small details behind, making the decoration cost exceed the budget. Before decoration, some small details must be communicated with the decoration company or construction team in advance. Here are some of the small details most often ignored by the decorated owners to give you a lesson from previous cars

for all the main materials purchased by the decoration company, it is best to indicate the brand, model, specification and grade of the main materials separately, so as to compare the advantages and disadvantages of the materials and the price. The auxiliary materials should also be clearly marked as far as possible, and it is best to mark the itemized details in the table

some budget tables may also include third-party supervision fees, air monitoring, environmental protection monitoring and other fees. It is recommended to cut these items, because the decoration companies must provide qualified products. If you want to really monitor, you'd better go to a professional third-party organization to do it yourself. If there is an unpredictable management fee in the budget table, it is unreasonable and must be removed

many materials will be marked with actual settlement, and the extra materials will be refunded to the owner at the completion settlement. It's best to let the business give an overall estimate and an excess range, so that the final settlement can be based on

an additional item should be added to the budget table: the total final settlement price should not exceed 5% of the total budget price, and the excess part should be borne by the decoration company. This range can be considered according to their economic ability and the amount of decoration plan. This is very critical. If the final settlement price doubles, the budget table will lose its meaning. And we should pay attention to the over calculation, wrong calculation and missing calculation, which are the responsibility of the decoration company. If it exceeds the standard, the decoration company should be fully responsible

the garbage cleaning work should also be agreed in advance: it should be transported to the designated location in the community. There should also be a standard for indoor cleaning. If the cleaning effect is not in place, you can refuse to pay the cleaning fee

for all woodworking parts, such as shoe cabinets, we should pay attention to what materials are used to make shoe cabinets and how many are used. Such information must be clear and detailed, so that we can understand how much materials are needed and control the cost. In addition, it is best to calculate the total price of the finished products, such as how much the final finished products of the shoe cabinet cost (including frame, finish, paint, hardware, guide rail accessories, etc.). If the price is similar to the market price, it is better to purchase directly or customize by the manufacturer. Special reminder: if the utilization rate of cabinets is high, it is strongly recommended to find a professional cabinet manufacturer to make it, which will ensure both products and after-sales service

some materials are delivered and installed by the manufacturer free of charge. Pay attention to whether the labor cost is included in the original quotation. Each item should be asked in detail. Also pay attention to the cost of materials handling and going upstairs, whether it includes the cost of materials purchased by the owner. Building materials handling and going upstairs, especially in the absence of an elevator, is a very physical and troublesome thing. It is recommended that you negotiate this work with the decoration company or the construction team




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