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[Yihe doors and windows] at present, the sunshine housing market economy has entered a period of weakness, and the voice of price increases is amazing. Many sunshine housing franchise enterprises are being involved in a new round of more variable reshuffle. However, under the increasingly severe situation of the industry environment, the so-called "natural selection, survival of the fittest", sunshine house franchise enterprises must implement a self-help plan

firm self

in the face of such an environment, the franchise enterprises of sunshine house need not change, but they can change themselves to achieve self-help. First of all, in the competition, sunshine room franchise enterprises should take fast and effective competitive measures, but they can't just change soup without changing medicine; Secondly, in terms of business strategy, the franchise enterprises of sunshine house must strengthen themselves, give full strategic flexibility, ensure their steady progress in this sea, and always deal with problems

service wins people's hearts

no matter how the times change, no matter how the consumer group changes, one thing remains the same is the feeling of service. Sunshine room franchise enterprises need to know that in the sales process, meticulous and high-quality service is always much more popular than formal official oral English, which can be more in line with the emotional promotion between people. Therefore, only by paying attention to detail service and improving service quality, can sunshine room franchise enterprises help them get out of the bad environment

the market environment is grim, and the joining enterprises of sunshine house can only strengthen themselves, stabilize the military spirit, and move towards the goal with a long-term vision; We should start with details, provide good services and win the support of consumers

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