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If an enterprise wants to achieve better development and larger market, it must have its own independent brand. As a production and processing enterprise, it needs to take the road of vertical integration. On the basis of doing a good job in quality management, it also needs to improve production efficiency, especially the key is to have a clear market positioning. To improve the reputation and popularity of enterprises, take Deyuan doors and windows as an example. As a newly emerging brand, brand promotion is also the top priority while improving product quality

according to incomplete statistics, more than 90% of small and medium-sized wooden door enterprises are traditional wooden door enterprises. Under the huge impact of the Internet, these wooden door enterprises not only have to face their existing competitors in the same industry, but also need to deal with emerging competitors from the Internet. The primary key to the development of wooden door enterprises in the Internet era is the branding of small and medium-sized wooden door enterprises

how should wooden door enterprises choose the three major development directions of brands? first, common brand development directions

the development history of Chinese brands has been 30 or 40 years, but more than 95% of small and medium-sized wooden door enterprises basically developed out of disorder in the early development process, and the remaining may be less than 5% of wooden door enterprises do brand planning first and then develop. Among them, 95% of the disorderly development of small and medium-sized wooden door enterprises also basically follow the following three aspects:

1. All roads lead to Rome. Originally planned to sell wooden doors, they finally developed by decorating people. It doesn't matter what brand is not brand, so they are developing slowly

2. Selling wooden doors wholeheartedly, because of good quality and service, they are becoming famous. They should continue to expand and begin to consider branding. Because they have a certain capital and development foundation, they can also be regarded as having successfully embarked on branding

3. I was distracted. I sold wooden doors and floors at one time. As a result, I didn't sell any famous houses. After spending almost all my startup funds, I lasted for half a year, and finally went bankrupt directly

however, today, with the rapid development of the Internet, the time left for small and medium-sized wooden door enterprises to explore slowly is gone. All wooden door enterprises directly compete with similar wooden door enterprises in the country and even the world at the beginning of their establishment. If they do not make brand planning at the earliest time, they will not be able to hold competitiveness in the market for a long time. Therefore, small and medium-sized wooden door enterprises need to leap directly beyond disorderly development and enter brand development directly

in the Internet era, everyone can develop. For wooden door enterprises, the development of the Internet cannot be blindly settled. Brand building can not be "willful", different choices of different roads, enterprises should carefully consider

second, entering the Internet can not be blind

at present, many service providers have made great efforts to enter the small and medium-sized wooden door enterprise level service market, but for the small and medium-sized wooden door enterprises themselves, they still need to polish their eyes and see the advantages and disadvantages, rather than "transformation" for the sake of "transformation", and blindly try all kinds of "Internet +" for the sake of "Internet +"

with the advent of the Internet era, market competition has become increasingly fierce. Many of them used to compete with similar products only in the regional market, but now they have to face the competition of similar products from all over the country and even the world. The Internet really wants to drive many "fish" competing in small ponds to the sea to compete. In the face of fierce competition and more and more homogeneous competitors, what does a product rely on to stand out? Brand. Only branding can occupy a place in the market and go further

therefore, the competition in the Internet era is the competition of comprehensive strength with brand as the core, which is not only an issue that needs to be considered for the long-term development of large wooden door enterprises. Small and medium-sized wooden door enterprises also need to change their thinking and take the road of branding under the impact of the Internet, and all "Internet +" products are just competitive tools, which is an auxiliary to build branding




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