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when I met him, he told me that there was not so much experience to share. I say it's OK to tell stories. Just tell some interesting stories that have happened to you over the years. He said he couldn't tell stories, so I said to have a bottle of wine. After drinking it, you can't hold your mouth if you don't want to tell it

so I took him to a restaurant in a small street, and they were drunk. The old guy lit a cigarette and began to tell me something piecemeal, some of which were funny, some of which were quite interesting. Talk about the past and the future


he often said that life is like a play, all depends on acting. He said that a few years ago, this society has always respected successful people. A speech and a forum summit were even more popular than Andy Lau's concerts. Everyone is willing to believe what successful people say and what they do. So he began to package himself. Gold necklace, fake luxury goods, Rolex, LV, Hermes, try to make yourself look like a great businessman. In addition to their own packaging, wallpaper stores also need to be packaged into a successful store. There are endless lists, endless construction, and endless owner sites every day

therefore, many people believe that such a successful person can care about cheating his own small money. The aura should be sustained and the scene should be hot


people who are weak in body eat more roasted kidneys, and people are so stupid that they read less poetry.

he said that nowadays, people are always depressed with God, sitting together all day, talking about the boring things that the market is not good, the business is difficult to do, and complaining all day long about the day from time to time, the disadvantageous place, and the discord between people. It's as stupid as Haizi, the poet who was lying on the track

take the salesman of the manufacturer as an example. He will come to your store from time to time to urge you to sell. Then you can boast about your arrogance, or complain about the market, saying that you can't finish it, and that you can't finish it. Every time you finally meet, you are completely ruined by your own poetic temperament

people's wallpaper salesmen come from big places, but they are people who have traveled to many places, and they have plenty of goods in their stomach. Let him talk about how others are doing, how they are doing, where are the successful experiences, and where are the problems of failure. Talk more about something useful. As the old saying goes, if three people are good, there must be my teacher. Don't drink sloppy when you meet him all day long. As a reminder, please invite people to eat roasted kidney. If you walk so many ways and come to your store through mountains and rivers, your body is empty


don't always keep good and bad things in mind

Chinese literati came up with a word called accounting. I guess nine times out of ten it was invented by a poor grandson. For example, if you wait, I will calculate this account with you. For another example, I'll settle accounts with him. A whole wave of hatred and perversion

when I was studying, the teacher taught me very well. He said to get a notebook. Usually, the wrong topics are written in this notebook. If I am free, I often go to have a look, and I won't be wrong in the future. Especially good. You are in a mood of worship to face the mistakes you have made. I'm in business now, and I also have an error book. Sometimes I don't play well on the spot with some questions from customers, but later I found out that I should answer them like this. I write down all these things. Problems encountered, difficult scripts, including very difficult customers, as well as vendors who do not buy oil and salt

I don't want to settle accounts, I want to study, and I want to be better myself in this situation next time


treat everything and people correctly

he said that some people are suitable for drinking and complaining with you, some people are suitable for climbing mountains and fishing with you, and some people are suitable for talking about dreams with you. The same is true when you are in the wallpaper business. If you do promotional activities and make the price very low, you should treat him as a guide and introduce people into the store. As for whether he places an order or looks at your promotional wallpaper, whether to buy it or not is another thing. Don't put all your actions on one thing. For example, when you are doing after-sales service, you are doing public praise and the charm of your store. Don't always think about your good service and attitude, and people will introduce you to the list

everything you do is the key to your success. Do what you should do and achieve the results of this thing, then it's OK


it's natural. We should do water

it's natural to succeed. I recently saw a good paragraph on my mobile phone, which explains these eight words very well. Don't chase a horse. Plant grass in the time of chasing a horse. When the flowers bloom in the spring next year, there will be a group of horses for you to choose. Well, that's very good. Young people don't always think about finding a girlfriend and falling in love. Clean up yourself, your image and career. When you're done, girl, line up for you. It's natural to be a piece of sea water. When you get there, everything becomes

read more news to understand what Internet + is. How is the stock market now? It's as big as the world. When you go around together, you can talk nonsense with others when someone comes into the store and talks about it


it's very important to study psychology more. It's better to see what criminal psychology and consumer psychology are when you have spare time to read novels. How important it is to know someone

I asked this man what was important, and he told me a story about picking up girls. He said, for example, today you go out with a lady sitting on the stage and have a room. Don't think about how to treat other people's girls. People are used to seeing men. You should treat her with respect and politeness, talk about your dreams and talk about the future. Other people's girls will think that your y is really different from the smelly men she usually meets, and maybe she will be passionate about you. If you want to go out with a good girl, people think you are impotent

haha, this example is too appropriate. Yes, how important it is to understand a person's psychology


no matter which way you go, with your little qualifications and head, you can't go a new way. Others have gone a thousand times

many people hope to succeed and choose a path that others have not taken. It is really impossible. In fact, as long as it is a road, it has been taken by others. What we need to do is to walk longer and farther than others on the road that others have walked. If we walk longer, we can walk out of the distance that others have not walked out, and if we walk farther, we can see the scenery that others have not seen

you see, if someone comes to me and you and wants to buy wallpaper, you can't do it. You're already drunk. I can also make it clear that I finally made this list. Understand, even if I drink, I will be more drunk than others


if you learn more skills today, you will be able to say less begging words in the future

this is very important. Think about it. How much skill do you need to have to open a wallpaper shop. You should be able to talk nonsense, be able to know professional wallpaper knowledge, be able to construct by yourself, and be able to make your own collocation. Although many times, everyone says that team operations and technical expertise are available, I don't believe this. You have to manage your shopping guide. How can you do without these things. Many people agree with that team fight. As long as the boss can manage and educate people, I don't think so. You open a small wallpaper shop, not a wallpaper Alibaba. It's always good to be more responsible and learn more


I have a friend who is very stingy. Last year, I was a little nervous and needed some money. They all told me that this boy has spare money. It doesn't matter to ask him to borrow some. I think I'll forget it later. If he doesn't lend me, he will feel sorry inside. He's going to borrow me. His heart will be very painful. Let me think it over. Everyone has weaknesses and shortcomings. If you can't drink, don't share wine with me. It's interesting, you

(I was a little drunk at that time, and I was already lying on the table)


there should be rules for everything, even drinking, not to mention other serious things

last year, I took a friend's car and went to his factory to study. Entering the factory gate, I saw a guard uncle. Seeing the boss's car coming, I immediately came out of the guard room, opened the railing, saluted our car, and said, Mr. Liu. At that time, it was very different from my feeling, very well behaved

later, I heard a thing from my friends around me, saying that President Liu is really not a fucking person. Even if his father is working as a guard in his factory, it's OK. I also called him president Liu. It's really a dead laugh. Once, when I drank too much with Mr. Liu, Mr. Liu told me that there were factory rules in the factory, and I was the boss. Everyone wanted to call me Mr. Liu. When I get home, I wash my father's feet and make him tea. At home, he is the master, and I respect and honor him


people, in this life, apart from the time you eat, drink and Lazar, there are only more than 10000 days. The difference between many people is that some people really live for more than 10000 days, and each day has its own excellence and progress. And some people only live for one day, and then keep repeating, repeating more than 10000 times


when I was young, I often quoted Clift's saying that I love you not only because of your appearance, but also because of my appearance when I am with you. This sentence is really too lethal to pick up girls

yes, in other words, you love this industry, love this thing, love this process and result, not only because of the appearance of this industry, but also because of your appearance, your concentration and your whole when you do this thing


don't always envy me who is successful now. You just see me flying in the sky now, but don't see the years when I used to climb on the ground. In the future, if you fly in the sky like me, if there is such a day, you will recall the years when you used to crawl on the ground, and you will be moved to cry


in order to attract people, many businesses often hold an activity called "entering the store politely". Ten years ago, my eldest brother opened a roast duck restaurant. The opening activity was to buy a gift. The gift was a ballpoint pen. At that time, the scene was very popular. Now, who the fuck came all the way to get your crap

in fact, they were ruined by some uneducated people. China has always been a country of etiquette. Gifts, the first one is etiquette. What is etiquette? What is etiquette? Etiquette is etiquette and ceremony. It's a very solemn thing, and taste is one thing. So I think a gift is an object related to respecting or loving each other

do you understand? If you really want to have this kind of activity in the future, please think about what to give first





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