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There are thousands of decoration styles. Small houses have the decoration style of small houses, and so do villas. However, in addition to the decoration style, the villa also has certain requirements for Feng Shui. Therefore, when decorating villas, Feng Shui needs special attention. So what should we pay attention to in Feng Shui when decorating the villa? Xiaobian will give you a rough understanding of Feng Shui and villa decoration

I. precautions for Feng Shui during villa decoration

1. In order to make the interior more vibrant and energetic, I can put some green plants indoors, such as Xinfu tree, lvluo, fa cai tree, Fugui bamboo and so on

2. Many owners will raise some goldfish in the villa. This practice is actually very good, because goldfish is also called Feng Shui fish, which can fill some deficiencies in the feng shui of the villa home. However, it should be noted that the left and right sides of the fish tank can not be stacked with sundries, nor can they face the kitchen. The fire and water in the kitchen are mutually exclusive, and the goldfish's wealth will have no effect

3. When decorating villa rooms, we'd better use some light colors, such as ivory, beige, blue, etc

4. Many owners will hang some gossip mirrors, wind chimes and other things at home. In fact, this practice is wrong. Such things have inherent deficiencies in the pattern. If necessary, please ask professionals for advice before placing them

5. The living room of most villas is dark. At this time, we need to make up for it through some pictures and lights. The hanging pictures should use those auspicious patterns or landscape paintings, and the peony pictures can also symbolize wealth and glory

6. If a bedroom in the villa is relatively small, then the long mirror in the villa and the mirror of the dressing table must not be too large

7. Many owners will hang a big clock on the wall of the lobby, which is in line with the feng shui of home. The specific benefits are shown in these three points: first, attract wealth, second, ward off evil spirits, and third, look at the time, but the orientation of the wall clock is exquisite. The wall clock should not be inward, but should face the balcony, windows, doors, etc

8. In order to make the feng shui of your house better and the air inside the house more fresh, you should open the doors and windows inside the house

the above is all about what should be paid attention to in Feng Shui during villa decoration. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more relevant knowledge in the future, you can continue to pay attention to relevant information. Xiaobian will bring you more wonderful content




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