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In fact, sound-absorbing coating is to use biological fiber, mineral fiber and other main materials in combination with other fire proofing agents, moisture proofing agents, enzyme corrosion proofing agents, etc., spray them together with adhesives through professional machinery, and attach them to the inner roof and wall, forming a 2 ~ 10mm thick apparent porous cotton coating material

with the progress of society, the market demand for sound-absorbing coatings is increasing, making the common, types, materials and properties of sound-absorbing coatings increasing. Moreover, the sound-absorbing coating has the advantages of firm adhesion, durability, beauty, no seams, waterproof, corrosion-proof, anti condensation, fire prevention, non combustible, non-toxic, thermal insulation and so on. It is widely used by consumers in all fields. The following editor will introduce the construction technology of sound-absorbing coating and the manufacturer of sound-absorbing coating

construction process of sound-absorbing coating

I. base treatment

remove the surface easy to fall off, dust, oil and other sundries, and then brush the special white primer for permeability

II. Midway construction and dosage

1. Batch scraping method: just like batch ash, batch the sound-absorbing coating directly on the treated wall

2. Spraying method: use a stone paint spray gun, keep the muzzle vertical to the wall, and spray it evenly on the wall (this method is recommended). If two or more colors are required to match, spray another attractive coating on the wall before the first spray is dry

3. Double gun spraying method: use a special double gun nozzle spray gun, pour two kinds of colored base materials into the spray gun to separate both sides, and the operation method is the same as the above spraying method, but only one spray forming is required to obtain a two-color effect, which is quite beautiful


sound absorbing paint, a manufacturer of sound absorbing paint, is a comprehensive enterprise committed to the research, development, production and sales of acoustic decorative materials and sound absorbing paint. The production plant of the company is close to the largest logistics base in Chengdu, and has convenient transportation conditions, which is conducive to the development and expansion of the enterprise to a great extent. The company has a strong economic foundation and scientific and technological research and development strength, which fully guarantees the quality of products

Guangzhou Diyin Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of sound-absorbing coating, is a well-known domestic enterprise integrating the research, production, sales and construction of sound-absorbing coating products. The sound-absorbing materials produced by the company include: plant fiber spray sound-absorbing coating, inorganic fiber spray, sound-absorbing decorative board, decorative sound-absorbing board, sound-absorbing cotton and other series of sound-absorbing material products

Guangzhou SAIM silencing material Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of sound-absorbing coatings, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jiansheng group. The company has more than 20 environmental protection, national fire prevention and acoustic inspection reports. The company specializes in the research and development, production, design and sales of silencing materials, and provides indoor acoustic consulting and advice, noise reduction engineering construction treatment and other services

application of sound-absorbing coating

the sound-absorbing property, appearance and mechanical properties of sound-absorbing coating are applicable to the ceiling part of the hall with large indoor surface and high roof and the wall surface above a certain height. For example, sound absorption treatment of indoor ceiling parts such as theatres, venues, shopping malls, corridors, etc. For places with strong decoration and sound absorption, sound-absorbing coating is very suitable

editor's summary: This is the introduction about the construction process of sound-absorbing coating and the manufacturer of sound-absorbing coating. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more, you can pay attention to information





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