Pay attention to the bathroom when decorating. Use

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The decoration of color can make the room full of warmth, but for the bathroom, the decoration of color is not only the icing on the cake decoration, but also some unexpected functions. A new study in Japan found that decorating the bathroom with some yellow helps defecate. In this regard, experts said that yellow is a warm tone, which can relax the mood and relieve tension. When people defecate, some muscles of the body are in a state of tension and contraction. At this time, they can maintain a happy mood, relax their muscles and help defecate. When people are defecating and bathing, they are actually adjusting their body and mind. The colors in the bathroom are warm colors, such as light yellow, light green, light blue, light orange, etc., which can help you calm down, while the color of purple and red is easy to stimulate nerves and is not conducive to mental relaxation. In the bathroom with relatively narrow space, the yellow color can also broaden the view, making the whole bathroom more soft, spacious and bright. When decorating and decorating the bathroom, you can pave Beige tiles, bathtubs, shower curtains, etc. you can choose light yellow. Windows and cupboards can be made of wood to give them a natural light tan color. If possible, you can also light a few aromatherapy candles. Under the soft yellow candle light, people can slowly relieve their mood and relax their body and mind. In addition, generally, the wash basin in the bathroom is mainly white. You can put some green plants on the pool table to decorate it, which can make the bathroom full of vitality and vitality. If the bathroom has a large space, you can paste some warm color pictures behind the door or on the wall where the water cannot get in the shower. Seeing the pleasing pictures will also make you feel good




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