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In the spacious and comfortable office, we had a dialogue with zhaijianmin, chairman of Xingtai Bosheng road and Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Bosheng road and bridge"), in the face of this seemingly weak and introverted woman, It is hard for us to imagine how she managed this large-scale engineering company. Even she has repeatedly stressed that she would not have achieved what she is now without the selfless support of her husband lijianlin...

she went into business and joined hands with cat

when zhaijianmin founded Bosheng road and Bridge in 2009, she was not impulsive. Previously, she had worked in a construction unit in Xingtai for many years. Although she was a functional department, she was very familiar with the operation process of the construction enterprise. Her husband lijianlin has been engaged in project management in another construction enterprise for nearly 20 years, and knows well the construction process and equipment management. Zhaijianmin, an ambitious woman, with her husband's encouragement and support, resolutely resigned from public office and went into business. After several years of painstaking operation, Bosheng road and bridge has completed many highway and water conservancy projects in Xingtai area, such as Xingfen Expressway and Xingshi railway. The company has more than 40 employees, and the strength of mechanical equipment is also growing day by day

at the beginning of the establishment of the company, the primary problem was to purchase mechanical equipment, which was a difficult problem for zhaijianmin: in the past, he was engaged in functional work, and there was almost no brand for mechanical equipment. However, this is not difficult for lijianlin. As early as the end of the last century, lijianlin's unit began to use excavators for construction. At that time, there were few brands in China, such as large bottom line excavators sewn at the bonding between the side wall and the upper to extend the running time of the servo valve. An old second-hand cat excavator in the unit left a deep impression on lijianlin with its outstanding performance and reliable quality; In 2001, the company purchased a brand-new cat 320C excavator, which is still in good condition after nearly 10 years of use. With these personal experiences, lijianlin has always looked at the caterpillar brand differently, so he suggested to his wife that cat is the most reliable way to buy equipment. Zhaijianmin adopted her husband's "professional" suggestions. Bosheng road and Bridge currently owns cat equipment: four cat 324d excavators, one cat 320d excavator, one cat 140k grader and one cat d6g bulldozer

grader + bulldozer = high efficiency

when it comes to cat grader, zhaijianmin, who has years of operating experience, becomes a little excited. She said: cat grader is mainly engaged in the leveling of gravel and lime soil on the road. It has high power and fast working speed. It works more than 2000 hours a year and has never had any problems. In 2012, in order to update the equipment, she sold the cost recovered cat 140h grader. The original price of the new machine was more than 1million yuan, and the cat 140h grader was sold for more than 700000 yuan, which made them cry it cost-effective. Then, they purchased another upgraded cat 140k motor grader, which has been in use for more than 3000 hours, with excellent performance, stable quality and high efficiency

the cat d6g bulldozer is also very important. For the same purpose of land leveling, cat d6g bulldozer has greater horsepower and can level large areas of gravel and ash soil that cannot be leveled by the grader. Although this cat d6g bulldozer was second-hand at the time of purchase and has worked for thousands of hours, it is no less than the new equipment in zhaijianmin's hands. So far, it has worked for 10000 hours without any failure except replacing vulnerable parts

now, Zhai Jianmin's cat 140k motor grader and cat d6g bulldozer often "work together". In 2013, when Bosheng road and Bridge participated in the Xingfen expressway project, these two equipment were in the limelight. Their task is to level the earth and rock unloaded by the dump truck with a load capacity of 30 cubic meters. After the earth and rock are unloaded, the height is high. In principle, cat D will level them with a pvc/abs alloy 6G bulldozer, and then level them with a cat 140k grader. Such coordination efficiency is extremely high and seamless. 10000 cubic meters of earth and rock can be leveled every day. Compared with other brands of equipment, the efficiency is at least twice as fast

take care to maintain for a long time

under the leadership of zhaijianmin and lijianlin, we came to the construction sites of Xingshi line and the east edge of qishanhu Avenue, where cat 140k grader and cat d6g bulldozer worked respectively. It is not difficult to find that the two cat devices are not only in good working condition, but also new in appearance. 4. High precision linear guide mechanism: imported high-precision linear guide is adopted. Lijianlin introduced to us with a smile: in terms of equipment maintenance and repair, they are very "fastidious". Before going off work every day, the machine operators should carefully clean the equipment from the inside to the outside. In terms of maintenance, they always use genuine cat parts, and the cost of purchasing spare parts every year is hundreds of thousands - good equipment naturally needs to use matching high-quality parts. In addition, the replacement of engine oil and hydraulic oil even exceeded the specified requirements: it was specified that the engine oil should be changed within 500 hours, and they would change it within 300 hours; The hydraulic oil is also changed on time in 2000 hours. The equipment is in good condition and needs careful care

zhaijianmin then added: as a cat dealer, West (Beijing) mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to reputation, and promises can be fulfilled. They are very satisfied with the supply cycle of accessories and the response speed in case of failure, and the high-quality service makes them have no worries at home

after nearly five years of development, Bosheng road and bridge has successfully passed through a relatively difficult period at the beginning. In this process, zhaijianmin, who is "weak" in appearance, relies on two "magic weapons": her husband lijianlin and cat equipment. At present, zhaijianmin is actively preparing to upgrade his construction qualification to grade II qualification for general contracting of highway engineering. We believe that the future Bosheng road and bridge will continue to rely on two "magic weapons" to create a more splendid future

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