Gewenjun, a mechanical engineer with both civil an

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Gewenjun: a mechanical engineer with "both literacy and martial arts"

gewenjun: a mechanical engineer with "both literacy and martial arts"

China Construction machinery information will show the industry its research achievements in the production process of high-efficiency carbon fiber composite materials in recent years. It will continue to produce in many different factories.

not long ago, at the skill innovation competition for workers in government institutions in Jiangsu Province, Gewenjun won the second prize in one fell swoop with his newly invented disc thresher; At the 8th International Invention Exhibition held by China Invention Association, it won the "invention and entrepreneurship award · project award"

although he works as a technician, in the eyes of the teachers and students of the school of mechanical engineering of Yangzhou University, gewenjun is a mechanical engineer who is "well versed in both literature and martial arts"

"over the past 30 years, he has been engaged in the machinery major, trained many excellent students, guided many enterprises to make innovation and improvement, compiled 3 professional books on machinery, published more than 10 papers, and owned more than 40 invention patents, which can be described as fruitful." Said huangqinghua, Secretary of the Party committee of the school of mechanical engineering of Yangzhou University

"Mr. Ge likes to talk about examples in class. He applies the boring knowledge in books to practice, which makes it easier for us to understand what we have learned. This is one of the reasons why we like to listen to him." Student Zhang Fang said. In the training center of the college, gewenjun's task is to guide interns in NC programming. Although he had few opportunities to give lectures, he was very popular with the students. In addition to class, gewenjun also compiled three professional books, including two books, practical skills of turning and numerical control turning + machining, published by the machinery industry press. The book combines many practical experiences of gewenjun, and through the analysis of classic cases in actual operation, it enables readers to deeply understand the mechanical process, rather than just stay at the level of boring theoretical knowledge. For this reason, the books written by GE Wenjun are well received by readers

at the same time, with his rich practical experience, gewenjun often went to the enterprise for guidance and helped the enterprise cultivate a number of qualified students. Over the past 20 years, gewenjun has owned more than 40 invention patents, including turning large-diameter deep hole processing device, intelligent feed machinery, throwing seed selection machine, etc. Disc thresher is a new achievement of cooperation between gewenjun and Yangzhou Institute of Agricultural Sciences. This new thresher innovates in structure and function, which not only ensures the integrity of seed shape and physiological function, but also realizes zero residue of standard in the machine. At present, this achievement has been popularized and used in some farms in Jiangsu Province

in gewenjun's view, machinery and agriculture are complementary. Only by combining them can they develop better. To this end, he also conducted agricultural cooperation with the team of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, studied the plant row sowing and plot sowing, tested the seed metering performance in the experimental field, and provided mechanical and technical support for it. He told me that with more and more contacts with enterprises, he found that he had little horizontal contact in the past, which is what he needs to make up. "As a mechanical expert, I will strengthen school enterprise cooperation in the future, provide better technical services for enterprises and society, and achieve common progress and development." Gewenjun said


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