The double test of remanufacture

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The double test of remanufacture

remanufacture is not only a production way of construction machinery products, but also a new concept. However, not all enterprises are competent. Many enterprises that hope to develop remanufacture business but are unable to do so lack technology on the one hand and cost control on the other

remanufactured products save 60% energy than new products. On average, 70% of the components can be reused. More than 80% of the energy consumption can be saved in the manufacturing process. However, the average price is only 30%~40% of that of new products. In fact, the cost is less than 50% of the original. The gross profit margin is much higher than that of new products. This data looks simple, but it is very difficult to implement

the key point to realize cost reduction is to use the matching parts that can still be effectively used on the original machine. In particular, some wear-resistant accessories that are not aged but are rarely used. After lubrication, grinding, painting and other procedures, reinstall it on the machine. Through careful analysis, the panel and other accessories with less movement occupy the majority of these sustainable use accessories

the first test of remanufacturing is not the host enterprise, but the supporting parts enterprise. Yuchai and caterpillar took the lead in getting married and carrying out the remanufacture business, which shows that it is the accessory enterprises that should seize the remanufacture business of construction machinery that have collected a large number of pen work

compared with electronic control system and hydraulic parts, covering parts and other products have relatively low scientific and technological content, which is also the first supporting parts product that Chinese enterprises have made a breakthrough. These products have been widely used in self owned brand products, and can support foreign-funded enterprises

however, the carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) material that improves the strength of lightweight bicycles and rackets is that the ability to match the new machine does not mean that its products can continue to be used in remanufactured products. Remanufacturing requires significantly higher requirements for supporting parts than the new machine. After maintaining the life cycle of the new machine, it is necessary to continue to maintain the life cycle of a remanufacturing machine, which has very high requirements for the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of supporting parts. This requires the accessory enterprises to improve the product qualification standard and prolong its service life as much as possible

for the main enterprises engaged in remanufacturing business, how to repair the worn parts is also a difficult problem. There are many steel accessories on construction machinery products. These accessories cannot be repaired by direct filling. If local high temperature measures are taken, the price is very expensive, and the damage forms of different accessories are complex and diverse, so it is difficult to carry out batch repair

this puts forward another requirement. Due to the uncertainty of the repair work, remanufactured products will rely heavily on labor. In this way, whether the value of the final product has a high cost performance ratio is an issue that enterprises must carefully consider. How to evaluate the remaining life of original components is still an international problem for component manufacturers. At present, there is no organization that has strict restrictions on remanufactured construction machinery products in the code for indoor environmental pollution control of civil building engineering GB50325 (2) 001. Enterprises will spend a lot of manpower and material resources in evaluating product performance

nevertheless, it must be pointed out that with the gradual reduction of the earth's resources, remanufacture is still an inevitable way for the development of construction machinery. In the short term, the value created by remanufacture is difficult to meet the needs of some enterprises that hope to develop at a high speed, but this is the embodiment of the future competitiveness of enterprises. Especially when the quantity of all kinds of products has stabilized, the sales volume of new products will decrease sharply and become stable, which reflects the advantage of remanufactured products


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