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The double points policy will not let the Internet build cars in spring

according to the current policy, from 2018, the sales of new energy vehicles will be linked to the sales of traditional fuel vehicles. The points of new energy vehicles shall be deducted from the points of traditional fuel vehicles

at present, the Internet car manufacturing enterprise with the fastest progress has only launched a mass production prototype car. Only the prototype car has been tested according to the normal process, I am afraid it will not be completed in 2018. Large enterprises have weak innovation ability, and mass production on a large scale is even more distant

what's more, at present, no Internet car manufacturing company has won the admission ticket for electric vehicles, and no Internet car manufacturing company has been allowed to build cars. These companies can only rely on the companies that have already won the license to build cars. After talking about this, they can build factories and mass produce cars. I'm afraid it may not be possible in 2020

according to the policy of the Ministry of industry and information technology, if the car sold out in 2018 is not enough points, the punishment will come. The Internet car making is far from enough. Therefore, the double points policy will not make the Internet car making have a spring. Traditional car companies still need to think of other ways

under the influence of the double points policy, what is the situation of interconnected car manufacturing enterprises

II. There is still room for independent brands to maneuver

from the perspective of the new energy field, independent brands are also divided into several categories. One category is BYD and JAC, which have already received the new energy car making bonus and received soft subsidies

these manufacturers have been engaged in new energy vehicles for some years. In the past few years, they have benefited from extremely favorable subsidy policies to accelerate the overall layout of China's R & D core technologies. The import price is nearly 50% higher than that of domestic ones. Many enterprises can not only use their own points, but also sell them to other manufacturers. These manufacturers are at ease

another category is that the development of new energy is not very active, but there are also many products, such as Geely, BAIC, Chang'an, etc. Although these manufacturers may not be able to sell points, there is no problem in increasing capacity self-sufficiency

manufacturers such as great wall and Wuling are in a worse situation. They focus more on fuel vehicles, and their sales are huge. Suddenly, there is a policy to link fuel vehicles with new energy. It is too late to put them on the shelves

however, one advantage of Chinese manufacturers is that they can enjoy new energy subsidies. These manufacturers can solve the problem of new energy credits through mergers and acquisitions., After the introduction of the policy, Great Wall quickly acquired 25% of the equity of Hebei Yujie by means of capital increase. Both sides will launch a new energy vehicle brand - "Yujie Great Wall". In the future, Hebei Yujie's positive points of average fuel consumption will be directly transferred to Great Wall Motors to reduce the average fuel consumption level of the latter, while Hebei Yujie's positive points of new energy vehicles will be sold to Great Wall Motors under the same conditions

according to China's subsidy policy, if an enterprise chooses A00 micro electric vehicles, the cost is actually lower than the subsidy amount. An enterprise can set up an associated vehicle leasing company to buy all the cars it produces in exchange for points. Unfortunately, the Ministry of finance has to subsidize a large number of cars it buys and sells

therefore, Chinese manufacturers still have room for manoeuvre

III. The joint venture will do public relations with the government

compared with the maneuver of Chinese manufacturers, the joint venture is not so easy to deal with, because the sales volume of the joint venture is huge and the new energy points required are huge, and they do not have new energy subsidies, so the new energy vehicles they produce can not be sold. And if you can't sell it, you can't get points

for joint ventures, they can only buy points from Chinese enterprises, which they are unwilling to do. That is why the United States, Europe, Japan and South Korea jointly questioned and asked to adjust the double points policy to give them a chance to breathe

historically, such fundamental conflicts are difficult to implement. At present, the Ministry of industry and information technology is vague about the punishment. It is very difficult for joint ventures to meet the requirements of double points, and the interests behind the automobile industry are very huge

therefore, in the joint venture, the double points are likely to evolve into the government public relations of the joint venture. The joint venture will exert pressure and require policy adjustment. The game is still to be played

although the double credit policy has a great impact, it is not good for the connected car manufacturing enterprises, because they have no concept, but they are still far from mass production, and the automobile enterprises require immediate sales


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