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From January to may, China's agricultural machinery industry maintained a high-speed growth source: global hardware 2013

from January to May this year, the main business income of 1982 Enterprises above the scale of agricultural machinery in China increased by 17.91% year-on-year, and the enterprise profit increased by 21.01% year-on-year. The profit growth rate was higher than the main business growth rate, indicating that the growth quality of enterprises was good. From January to May this year, 1982 agricultural machinery enterprises nationwide will cause indication error. The main business income of Enterprises above Designated Size will increase by 17.91% year on year, and the enterprise profit will increase by 21.01% year on year. The profit growth rate is higher than the main business growth rate, indicating that the growth quality of enterprises is good

the rapid growth of agricultural machinery industry has further stimulated the enthusiasm for investment. From January to may, the investment in fixed assets of the industry increased by 26.59% year-on-year, and the investment in industrial upgrading equipment increased by 23%. The test principle of constant speed tensile method refers to that the tensile strength tester is under the condition of constant speed tensile 38%, and the growth rate of foreign direct investment was 233.86%. Under the background of the sharp economic decline, the agricultural machinery industry can continue to attract a large number of investment, and the industry prospect continues to be promising

among many products, animal husbandry machinery and feed machinery still ranked first in the growth of output value in the first five months, with a year-on-year increase of 36.5% and 20.25% respectively; The growth rate of tractors was the smallest, with a year-on-year increase of 9.95% in the case of a large product base. Among them, the number of backbone enterprises with large trailers increased by 11.78%, the number of medium trailers decreased by 1.54%, and the number of small trailers increased by 7.62%. Compared with the booming situation of domestic production and sales, the import and export of agricultural machinery is dwarfed. The total import and export volume of Enterprises above designated size increased by only 1.86% from January to may, and fell by 9.67% in May

in terms of output, the harvester products continued to make rapid progress, with an astonishing year-on-year growth. From January to may, wheat harvesters, rice harvesters and corn harvesters of key enterprises increased by 42.53%, 39.52% and 37.28%, respectively

the output and sales growth of wheat harvesters, especially those with large feeding volume, has greatly exceeded the prediction of industry experts at the beginning of the year, which is mainly driven by the purchase subsidy policy. This year, the main wheat producing areas have increased their subsidies to large feeding wheat machines, stimulating the purchasing power of consumers; It is also an important factor that the pace of wheat machine upgrading is accelerated. This can be seen from the fact that the buyers' industry has said that the number of old machine operators exceeds 60%; In addition, the rapid rise of new agricultural production organizations such as family farms and Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives also makes high-power, efficient and energy-saving products popular

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