Her only regret is that she didnt leave London, On

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Her only regret is that she didn't leave London, Ont., sooner | CBC News - Today News Post Today News || UK News

Sarah Barzak’sdivided with a limit of 250 in each section.?only regret about leaving London, Ont.The number of hospitalizations should be declining below 500. Physical distancing and masking requirements will stay in effect, is that she didn’t move sooner.

Barzak, 28,a 12 per cent increase over 2020.?moved to Toronto last fall, but grew up working behind the counter of Ray’s Variety at the corner of Wharncliffe Rd N and Oxford St., the convenience store her dad has owned since the late 90s. It’s where she?says she faced the most “insidious”?abuse.

“Working at my dad’s store is when I really felt the brunt of it,” said Barzak. “When I was perceived as a working-class, brown, frontline worker. That’s really where I feel I got the brunt of racism or Islamophobic statements or interactions.”?

Barzak speaks multiple languages, including Malay, French and Spanish. Her father is Palestinian. Her mother is from Malaysia.

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