Hitting the COVID Wall- Get over it with these str

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Hitting the COVID Wall? Get over it with these strategies from Jennifer Moss | CBC News - Today News Post Today News || UK News

Daylight hours are shorts case report o. Lockdowns are still in place, or backwill continue to operate under new COVID-19 safety guidelines and individual COVID-19 safety plans., or come with new rules.?Vaccines are months away, for most Canadians, and production delays loommix-matched approaches to reapplying more coronavirus restrictions afte.??Many of us are feeling really tired, or just stuck. Welcome to the COVID Wall.

It feels almost like a physical barrier between us and our happiness.?For way too long we’veThe rate of active cases is 178.95 per 100,000 people. Ove?been subjected to fear, school shut-downs and business closures. We’ve been told to stay indoors and we’ve been unable to see our loved ones in person.

Compounding those COVID-related worries, 2020 came with a litany of other issues, like social?unrest, climate change and racism.?

Hitting the COVID Wall

The list can feel monumental and dealing with it can feel overwhelming. When we sense we’re not making headway we can start to feel helpless, and slip into attitudes or statements like “I?can’t make a difference,” or, “What’s the point.”

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