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Shanxi Mobile: strengthen the marketing ability of data business

create arc customer-oriented experience marketing platform

according to incomplete statistics, in order to meet the diversified needs of customers, China Mobile has provided more than 100 types of businesses for customers. Different from traditional voice services, the operation of these new services is more complex and needs to be matched with the customer's model. Before use, customers generally need simple training

in the traditional marketing method, because there are too many types of data businesses, they can't be presented to customers in physical channels, so they can only rely on the front desk salesperson to recommend business to customers. Because the salesperson's contact time with customers is limited, they can't completely convey the value information of the business itself to customers, they can only rely on "promotional information" to impress customers, and even some regions need to rely on the bundling of new customers to develop business, This has resulted in the low quality of customer development, and the problem of "high new addition, high separation and high cost" has become increasingly prominent. The development mode of relying on new customers to drive the growth of new businesses needs to be changed

in addition, the phenomenon of "emphasizing development rather than maintenance" is also widespread. Registered customers of China Mobile's dialog voice business have taken various maintenance measures such as points reward plan and machine purchase reward to ensure the long-term survival of customers, but for customers of a certain data business, they have not been well cared for and maintained - in addition to investing a lot of costs to attract customers to use the business, whether customers are satisfied with the process of business use and whether they have use suggestions, Whether it will recommend others to use it or not is lack of corresponding measures and mechanisms. How to pay attention to customers' feelings when using data services and abandon the traditional marketing method of focusing on development rather than maintenance has become the most urgent problem for operators

in this regard, Li Yue, President of China Mobile, stressed at the work deployment meeting that "we should use experience marketing, customer demand management and other value-added business marketing platforms to carry out active marketing, improve marketing efficiency, and achieve balanced and healthy development. Around the main contact points of customers such as business halls and stations, we should improve contact marketing capabilities and strengthen new business experience marketing"

build a guided experience marketing platform

data business arc customer-oriented experience marketing platform has built a set of data business refined operation support system based on customer needs, CPC adaptation as the starting point, and experience marketing. The data service arc customer-oriented experience marketing platform redefines the sales process of data services and the purchase and use process of customers, and divides the process of customers' purchase and use of data services into three links: acquisition, that is, presenting the appropriate business to the appropriate customers, making customers interested in the business, and guiding customers to use or experience the business; Maintenance, that is, providing targeted care services to customers who are experiencing business; Transformation, that is, through promotional means, to promote the transformation of experience customers into charging customers

in this marketing platform, the first link (acquisition) corresponds to the function of intelligent customer acquisition. Data business has typical long tail characteristics. In order to recommend the right business to the right customers and give full play to the scale effect, we need to use electronic channels and electronic support means to achieve systematic and systematic precision marketing. The data service arc customer-oriented experience marketing platform integrates the four system functions of vgop, business guidance, experience marketing and recommendation marketing reward, realizes the accurate push of the business adaptation information in the vgop system to six channels, such as the business front desk, the upper business hall and the WAP business hall, and realizes the intelligent reminder of the adaptation business to customers in any channel

the second link (maintenance) corresponds to the tracking care function. This link is the key to let customers have a deep understanding of the business and have a good impression on the business. First of all, when the customer is experiencing the business, he is also faced with a lot of tedious work. The system will automatically send the MMS version of the business manual to introduce the current trial business operation methods to the customer in detail. Secondly, interact with customers in a timely manner during the trial process. 15 days after customers order the experience version, the system sends a text message to invite customers to rate the business and give feedback on usage suggestions, so that customers can feel a sense of respect. For text messages with high scores, users are advised to recommend them to their friends; Finally, the system will automatically determine whether the customers are active and whether the utilization rate is sufficient. If the above customers' usage is not high, the system will automatically issue surfing assistants to encourage customers to use business and improve usage

the third link (conversion) corresponds to the trial expiration conversion function. In the transformation stage, the system can easily convert the trial business into commercial business through SMS reminder and outbound call reminder. For customers who have not been converted after the expiration of the trial period, on the one hand, analyze the customers who have not been converted to understand the reasons for the non conversion (for example, for the reason of tariff, the synthetic package during the "1035" period can be recommended to customers); At the same time, refine the target customers, select the digital model, and mark similar customers in the vgop system

form a "closed loop" of data business marketing

in the marketing of data business, when petrochemical resources are increasingly exhausted and environmental protection problems are increasingly serious, it is a gradual process from business publicity to the final purchase. The connection and transition of the whole process directly affect customers' perception of new business and final purchase behavior. The arc experience marketing platform of data business uniformly manages all links of marketing, The pipeline operation is realized. Through the business support system to open up the service interface, improve the multi-channel collaborative service system, integrate the existing support system or platform of China Mobile, horizontally open up the connection between various systems, and completely change the original chimney business support system

arc customer-oriented experience platform provides customers with a one month free experience of all two or three types of business. Through their real participation in the business trial, users can make their feelings more real, make it easier for customers to actually understand the business, judge whether the business really has use value, and return the choice to customers

the arc customer-oriented experience marketing mode of data business also effectively integrates the service and marketing interface, and improves the operation efficiency. This platform has a limiting oxygen index of 38%. In fact, it provides a tool for salespersons - salespersons no longer need to transmit cumbersome business information to customers, and the business information will be completed by the system in the process of customer experience. At the same time, salespersons also get the opportunity of reward incentives, which will promote every employee to master business knowledge and fully mobilize their employees' enthusiasm

local pilot projects have been fruitful

as of October 31, 2011, China Mobile Shanxi company has attracted 3.9 million customers to conduct business trials through the arc platform. By locking existing arc experience mode customers, it has fully tapped the potential of business customization, of which 251000 customers have finally turned into toll customers. According to the general business tariff of 3 yuan/month, it can bring about 90 million yuan of economic benefits in a year

this operation mode has made a beneficial attempt to the division of labor between the provincial and municipal telecommunications companies responsible for the operation of data services, that is, segmented marketing - the local and municipal companies are responsible for presenting the business to customers and attracting customers to try out the business, and the provincial companies are responsible for the subsequent maintenance, transformation and activity of these customers, so as to realize the organic unity of centralized operation and decentralized business development. Communication world - Communication World weekly

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