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Shanxi deputies to the National People's Congress were accused of having 4 wives and 10 children with registered permanent residence. According to the current marriage law, China implements a monogamous marriage system, which prohibits bigamy and cohabitation with others. The population and family planning law stipulates that citizens have the right to have children and the obligation to implement family planning according to law. The State advocates that a couple have one child; Those who meet the conditions prescribed by laws and regulations may request to have a second child

however, in xican village, Xiwenzhuang Township, Xiaodian District, Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, Li Junwen, the former director of the villagers' committee, as a deputy to the District People's Congress, had four "wives" and had a total of 10 children. The evidence shows that the registered permanent residence of three "wives" and nine children are all in the village

there are 4 "wives" and 10 children

on November 29, he left Taiyuan city about 15 kilometers south and came to xizan village

hearing about Li Junwen, several villagers said that in xizan village, where there are more than 900 villagers, Li Junwen has 4 "wives" and 10 children, which is not a secret. No one knows the men, women and children in the village

some villagers listed the names of four "wives" and ten children of Li Junwen, 43, in detail for the rule of law weekend

according to the villagers, Li junwenming media is marrying a wife named Hu Yongxian, who is from Yuci city. She probably married Li Junwen in the early 1990s and gave birth to four girls for Li Junwen. After the fourth girl was born, she was brought up by sister-in-law Li Junwen, and the couple adopted a boy from someone else

Li Junwen's "second wife" is huyanyan, born in 1983 in Jingle county. She gave birth to a daughter for Li Junwen when she just turned 20 in 2003 and two daughters for Li Junwen in 2009

Li Junwen's "third wife" is Li Honghong. She was born in 1984 in xizan village. She gave birth to a girl for Li Junwen in 2005 and a boy for Li Junwen last November

Wang Fumei, a girl from Pingyao, is considered by the villagers to be Li Junwen's "fourth wife". Wang Fumei worked in the mixing plant run by Li Junwen. In 2010, the two fell in love and openly cohabited in the mixing plant. Last December, Wang Fumei gave birth to a boy for Li Junwen

how did the villagers know that these children were Li Junwen? Seeing that there was doubt, the villagers explained to Li Junwen that because Li Junwen's first wife, "second wife", "third wife" and their children's household registration fell in xizan village, the children's "father" filled in "Li Junwen" on their "permanent population registration form", and the children also called Li Junwen "father"

the villagers told that Li Junwen's wife and "second wife" do not live in the village now, only Li Junwen and "third wife" Li Honghong live in the village openly. Because Li Junwen lost the election of the village committee last year, Wang Fumei, the "fourth wife", and her son's Hukou were not easy to fall in the village, so Wang Fumei left with her children

after the change of the xizan village committee at the end of last year, the new team prepared to pay the villagers money according to the actual registered residence, so they went to the Xiwenzhuang police station to copy the villagers' household registration files, which revealed the secret of Li Junwen's three "wives" and nine children's household registration in xizan village

all 10 children have registered for residence

looking through the copies of the permanent population registration form of Li Junwen and his several "wives" and children provided by the villagers, I found that the villagers' words were true

the marital status of the head of household "Li Junwen" is "married". The marital status of "Hu Yongxian" is "married", and his relationship with the head of household Li Junwen is "wife". "Li Junwen" and "Hu Yongxian" are filled in the "Guardian" column of the permanent population registration form with three daughters and one son, and "father" and "mother" are filled in the "guardian relationship" column. The registered address of Li Junwen and his wife and the four children is "No. 3, Lane 5, East Street, xizan village"

the permanent resident population registration form of the head of household "Hu Yanyan" shows that his marital status is "married", and his registered address is No. 125, scattered household, Xiwenzhuang township (villagers say that scattered household No. 125 is the number, in xizan Village). He moved from jingle County on "June 15, 2009" due to "marriage". The permanent population registration form of their second and third daughters shows that the antibacterial rate is as high as 99%. Their mother is "huyanyan" and their father is "Li Junwen". Her eldest daughter's permanent population registration form shows that her father is "ligangfeng" and her mother is "xiaoyumei". The relationship between her and the head of household "huyanyan" is "female". The reason why she settled in the name of the head of household "huyanyan" on June 26th, 2009 is that "her children take refuge in their parents". A villager explained to Hu Yanyan and Li Junwen that when they gave birth to the girl in January 2003, Li Junwen was still the village director at that time and could not register the child, so they settled her under the names of the villagers ligangfeng and xiaoyumei

the marital status of the head of household "Li Honghong" is "unmarried". The permanent population registration form of his daughter and son shows that his father is "Li Junwen" and his mother is "Li Honghong". The registered address of "Li Honghong" and her daughter and son is "No. 9, Lane 8, East Street, xizan village". It was found that the son moved to the above address from "No. 3, Lane 5, East Street, xican village, which has been more widely used in industry" on March 5, 2009, and "No. 3, Lane 5, East Street, xican village" is the address registered in Li Junwen's permanent population registration form

on November 30, I came to the marriage registration office of Xiaodian District Civil Affairs Bureau and the District Archives Bureau, but the staff of the two units failed to help find the marriage registration information of Li Junwen, Hu Yongxian, Hu Yanyan and Li Honghong through internal system search

the person in charge of Xiwenzhuang Township family planning office clearly told that if you are not married, it is impossible to apply for a birth permit, and those who do not meet the regulations will not apply for a birth permit. As for whether the child can be registered without a marriage certificate and a birth permit, you need to ask the police station

then, he came to Xiwenzhuang police station. A notice posted on the door of the registered residence hall shows that the registered residence hall has been closed for two days due to "abnormal network". The person in charge of the police station wrote down the names and of Li Junwen, Hu Yongxian, Hu Yanyan, Li Honghong and others after learning about their intentions, and promised to ask the registered residence police to know the situation before telling them. But he didn't reply until the time of publishing

the villagers don't understand that Li Junwen didn't marry Hu Yanyan and Li Honghong. How can he be the father of their two children? Two women have no marriage certificate. According to the regulations, they can't get a fertility service certificate. Without fertility service certificate and marriage certificate, they don't know how to get their registered permanent residence from the police station

the villagers told them that they found that Li Junwen had been suspected of bigamy according to the law, so they reported that Li Junwen had 4 "wives" and 10 children to the district letters and calls Bureau, but a leader who received them replied to them like this: that's someone else's skill

the position of deputy to the National People's Congress was suspended

the villagers of xizan village told the rule of law weekend that 11 criminal cases of villagers being injured had occurred consecutively from June 2010 to April this year, and now the police have solved 5 cases involving more than 20 suspect. Suspect all confessed that Li Junwen paid and instructed them to do it. Four injured villagers, Li Xinniu, Li dongwa, Li Zhiguo and Li Baogui, were identified as minor injuries by the public security department

on November 30, I came to the criminal police team of Xiaodian public security branch, and the policeman who received me declined my interview on the ground that the case was still under investigation. However, the policeman confirmed that Li Junwen's case was indeed investigated and handled by his team. He also revealed that with the permission of the District People's Congress, Li Junwen had been taken criminal compulsory measures on October 26 for suspected injury crimes - obtaining a guarantor pending trial

according to the villagers, Li Jun extruder is one of the most important varieties in the plastic machinery industry. Before becoming the director of the village committee in 2003, his family was very poor, five bungalows didn't even have a courtyard wall, and there was foreign debt. In 2003, he became the director of the village committee through coercion, inducement and other improper means, until he was elected to step down on December 10, 2011, and served three consecutive terms as the director of the village committee for nine years. Meanwhile, in 2010, Li Junwen became a deputy to the people's Congress of Xiaodian District

xizan village, with more than 2000 mu of land, is located in the central area of Fendong Business District of Taiyuan City, close to Taiyuan university town. The wife (Taiyuan Taigu) road with a width of about 50 or 60 meters passes through the east of the village. The national highway of Dayun (Datong Yuncheng) is located in the west of the village. The planned line 10 from Yuci to Jinci passes through the north of the village. The superior geographical location has made the land price of xizan village soar in recent years

villagers reported that when the vast majority of villagers were still living mainly by farming and working, Li Junwen, as the director of the village committee, began to get rich

a person in charge of the personnel representative working committee of the Xiaodian District People's Congress told that the Standing Committee of the District People's Congress had approved the public security organ to take criminal coercive measures against Li Junwen on October 25

in the document of the Standing Committee of the Xiaodian District People's Congress, the decision on Approving the adoption of compulsory measures against Li Junwen, a deputy to the District People's Congress, found by the person in charge: "according to the provisions of the law of the people's Republic of China on Deputies to the National People's Congress and local people's congresses at all levels, the 11th session of the Standing Committee of the Fourth People's Congress of Xiaodian District, Taiyuan, On October 25th, 2010, the report of Xiaodian branch of Taiyuan Public Security Bureau on applying for permission to take compulsory measures against Li Junwen, a deputy to the District People's Congress, was heard and reviewed, and it was decided to approve it

the person in charge also told that according to the law, Li Junwen's position as a deputy to the District People's Congress has also been suspended

on December 4, Li Junwen, who had been released on bail, was finally contacted. Li Junwen asked to go to the government to understand the situation, and said that now he would not accept the interview except for the public security and procuratorial departments

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