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Shaoyang municipal Party and government delegation visited Sany Group Changsha headquarters

Shaoyang municipal Party and government delegation visited Sany Group Changsha headquarters

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Guide: on May 4, Shaoyang municipal Party Secretary Tong Mingqian, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee and Mayor Guo Guangwen led our municipal Party and government delegation to Sany Group Changsha headquarters for investigation. Both sides agreed to accelerate the development of Sany Huqi, especially the construction of phase II project, Increase the communication and cooperation between Sany group and Shaoyang local enterprises

On May 4, tongmingqian, Secretary of Shaoyang municipal Party committee, and Guo Guangwen, deputy secretary of Shaoyang municipal Party committee and mayor, led a municipal Party and government delegation to the Changsha headquarters of Sany group for investigation. The two sides held in-depth talks on accelerating the development of Sany Huqi, especially the construction of phase II project, and increasing the exchange and cooperation between Sany group and Shaoyang local enterprises, and reached a broad consensus. Municipal leaders Wei Taiping, Liu Xinmin, Yang shengxun, Zhou Jiping, Peng Yajun and others attended the inspection, accompanied by SANY Group Chairman Liang Wengen and company leaders Yi Xiaogang, Wang Zhiqiang, Xie zhixia, Liu Jianhua and others

Sany group was founded in 1989. Its main business is the mechanical equipment manufacturing industry with the theme of "Engineering". At present, it has fully entered the field of construction machinery manufacturing. It is one of the top 50 global construction machinery manufacturers, the world's largest concrete machinery manufacturer, China's most powerful independent brand, a landmark brand in China's construction machinery industry, and one of the top 500 Asian brands

in the morning of that day, the delegation went deep into the production workshop, achievement exhibition room, enterprise control center, etc. of Sany group with great interest to have a detailed understanding of the group's product sales, independent innovation, management mechanism, market service and other related situations. At the subsequent symposium, Tong Mingqian, on behalf of the 7.8 million Shaoyang people, thanked Sany group for its great contribution to Shaoyang's economic and social development. Tong Mingqian pointed out that Sany group's entry into Shaoyang was inseparable from the wise decisions of the group's board of directors and chairman Liang Wengen, and from the deep love of Yi Xiaogang, CEO of Sany Heavy Industry, for his hometown Shaoyang. Sany Lake automobile has developed rapidly in recent years. Since 2006, its output value and sales volume have doubled for five consecutive years. In 2010, its output value has reached 3.5 billion yuan and the tax paid is 120million yuan. This year's development momentum is even more gratifying. It is expected to achieve an annual output value of 7billion yuan and pay more than 200million yuan in taxes

Tong Mingqian pointed out that this visit to Sany group headquarters has three purposes: first, visit and study. In Sany group, a world-class modern enterprise, we feel the infinite value of Sany brand, the vigorous and progressive culture of Sany group, and the bright prospects for the development of Sany group. We are encouraged and inspired. Let everyone see the bright future of China's national industry, and also full of confidence and expectation for the development and growth of Sany Lake automobile in Shaoyang. Second, strengthen cooperation. At present, Shaoyang is adhering to the strategic deployment of "four modernizations and two types", adhering to scientific development, accelerating the late development and catching up, and comprehensively accelerating the construction of advantageous industries, infrastructure, ecological civilization, social undertakings, etc. the machinery manufacturing industry led by SANY Lake automobile is becoming the "first driving force" for the implementation of new industrialization in the city. It is of great significance to speed up the development of Shaoyang and sany group to expand and strengthen Sany Huqi. We hope Sany Huqi will speed up the construction of phase II project, extend the industrial chain, increase cooperation and exchanges with local enterprises in Shaoyang, and achieve win-win cooperation. Third, optimize the environment. All departments at all levels in the city will change their work style and make every effort to provide high-quality services to create a good environment for the development of Sany Lake automobile in Shaoyang

Guo Guangwen especially expressed his gratitude to Sany group for improving Shaoyang's social reputation, increasing Shaoyang's financial revenue, updating Shaoyang people's ideas and alleviating Shaoyang's employment pressure. He pointed out that the Sany group belongs to both the world and China; It belongs to both Hunan and Shaoyang. As a late developing area, Shaoyang people should be extremely proud to have the world-class Sany group enterprise develop in Shaoyang. Sany group can choose to grow in Shaoyang under the environment of fierce competition and strong hands, which is not only unlimited trust in Shaoyang's party and government leaders, but also great support for Shaoyang to accelerate its development. We will continue to do a good job in various services, and fully support Sany Huqi in Shaoyang 6. Adjust the active needle and passive needle to zero, expand and strengthen

Liang Wengen, chairman of Sany group, introduced the basic situation, development process and short-term goals of the group in detail. He pointed out that the leaders of Sany group attached great importance to the development of Sany Huqi in Shaoyang and believed that this was an important part of Sany group's realization of brand value. On behalf of all the employees of the group, he sincerely thanked the Shaoyang municipal Party committee and government as well as all departments at all levels for their concern, support and help for the JEC Innovation Award won by SANY Lake automobile eelcee company during the JEC Asia exhibition, especially Tong Mingqian, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, who hung up on Sany Lake automobile, often went to the factory site to work, and led a team to the group headquarters for negotiation and development for many times. He said that the timing is not as good as the geographical advantage, and the geographical advantage is not as good as the harmony of people. Sany Lake automobile chose to develop in Shaoyang, which is to value Shaoyang's good humanistic environment and development environment. Recently, we will comprehensively speed up the construction of Sany Huqi phase II project, continue to expand investment, actively carry out multi-level and multi field exchanges and cooperation with local enterprises in Shaoyang, and strive to make greater contributions to Shaoyang's economic and social development, accelerating the development of battery/inverter boxes, and reducing the weight of structural properties using resin materials (body panel exhibition)

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