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Shanxi: 17 new and continued expressway projects will be built in 2015

Shanxi: 17 new and continued expressway projects will be built in 2015

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Shanxi Provincial Department of transportation announced that the establishment of Shanxi provincial index database in 2015 is the most disorderly 1 in the data index. Some plans to invest 24.5 billion yuan to build roads, of which 17.5 billion yuan will be invested in expressway construction, and 17 new and continued projects will be built, The planned construction mileage is 906 kilometers. The focus on the construction of ordinary trunk roads and rural roads can be said to be the best proof of Cui Lixin's idea of expanding the use of contiguous poor areas and comprehensively promoting the three-year construction plan

this year, the transportation construction Department of Shanxi Province will speed up the completion of the 218 kilometer expressway project of Linxian Lishi, Luliang Huancheng, Wutaishan Yuxian and Yuncheng Ruicheng, and strive to open to traffic as soon as possible. The construction of 10 follow-up projects is of great significance for opening up some key road sections, including the construction of five projects, namely, Changzhi Linfen, Licheng Changzhi reconstruction and expansion, Yonghe yongheguan, the western section of Beijing Wuguo mountain, and yunbao Yellow River Bridge; The main works of Yushe Heshun, Gaoping Qinshui, Jixian Hejin and Zuoquan Licheng and Yuanping Shenchi projects in recent years will also be completed this year. This year, the Provincial Department of transportation will accelerate the construction of three provincial government "100 days and 100 items" key projects, namely Youyu Pinglu, Shenchi Kelan and Jinmeng Yellow River Bridge, strengthen the connection between the planning and construction of inter provincial channel projects, open up the "export road", and promote the projects to bring into effect as soon as possible

the construction of ordinary trunk roads is arranged to be 3.5 billion yuan, with a construction scale of 300 kilometers. According to the three-year construction plan of trunk roads in concentrated and contiguous poverty-stricken areas, the highway system of Shanxi Province will pay close attention to the upgrading and reconstruction of new projects of national highways and ordinary trunk roads in Shanxi Province, steadily promote the overhaul and reconstruction of old oil roads, and comprehensively improve the technical level of trunk roads

3.5 billion yuan is allocated for the construction of rural roads, with a construction scale of 3600 kilometers. The municipal transportation bureaus will cooperate with local governments to implement supporting funds, fully complete the three-year construction plan of rural roads in contiguous poverty-stricken areas, continue to promote the reconstruction of roads in important counties and townships and the construction of tourist roads, comprehensively implement the improvement and quality improvement project of village roads, and improve the service level and disaster resistance capacity of rural roads

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