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Shaoxing yellow rice wine cultural packaging brings famous brand effect

Shaoxing yellow rice wine is a traditional national product in China, but in the past, the packaging of the product has been ignored, so that when it is exported abroad, many countries sell it as a common grade wine, greatly reducing its identity and value. Now, through the breakthrough of "packaging", this traditional product has become dazzling, unique and worth double

for example, a jar of Shaoxing rice wine with a value of less than 10 yuan/kg, after "cultural packaging", shows profound national implications. It is priced at 650 Hong Kong dollars in the Hong Kong market and 10000 yen in Japan. The packaged Shaoxing rice wine reflects the perfect combination of genuine quality and culture and art, in addition to turning to the end market

looking at some traditional products in the market, 1 The components of the experimental machine should be wiped frequently. There are two tendencies on the packaging: one is that we do not pay attention to the packaging of special fixtures to meet the actual use needs, resulting in a sharp decline in value. Even if some products have packaging, they are too simple and crude, have no national characteristics, have no cultural connotation, and do not show artistic charm, so they can not sell at a good price. The price of Moutai is only 1/10 of the price of some world famous wines, and I'm afraid there is a "packaging" factor in it; Second, the "packaging" is too excessive, divorced from reality, and heavy makeup has lost the original delicate essence. Although the surface is very luxurious and high-end, it gives people the feeling that it is strong outside but weak in the middle, which makes people flinch. Ultimately, it still fails to achieve the original purpose of packaging, which is counterproductive. It can be seen that the packaging of products is like dressing with others, and knowledge is great! It needs to be vigorously explored and innovated under the condition of continuously improving product performance and quality

a clever and successful product packaging must be adapted to the material conditions, reflect the characteristics, break through the tradition, combine with the national traditional culture, and endow it with unique artistic charm, so as to bring the eternal famous brand effect

"packaging" is not only the packaging of products, but also the packaging of enterprises; It can produce famous brands, but also sublimate famous brands; At the same time, through packaging, it can also show the world the long history of the Chinese nation, splendid culture and people's intelligence. Therefore, as a traditional product, we should make more efforts in "packaging" and add more cultural and artistic content to "packaging", so that Chinese famous brands can have a famous brand effect in world trade

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