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Shaoyang: "machine replacement" in exchange for new industrial kinetic energy

"machine replacement" in exchange for new industrial kinetic energy

-- see how Shaoyang has moved from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing" of children's bicycle material testing machine technical data

Hunan Deng Jingyu

since more than 140 injection molding workers have been replaced with 58 automatic machines, Mao Zhengping, the head of the injection molding plant of Hunan Dongyi Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Dongyi electric"), is becoming more and more handy

On November 26, in the injection molding workshop of Dongyi electric in Shaodong county, Mao Zhengping introduced to Shaodong county that a high-tech enterprise introduced from the coast last year had manufactured an automatic production line for "tailor-made clothes" of Dongyi electric, which was applied to the injection molding process of lighters

"now, a workshop only needs a few workers, and the company locks in the investment risk with appropriate investment to cooperate with the machine operation, which reduces the labor intensity and greatly improves the efficiency." Mao Zhengping said

in recent years, the intelligent upgrading represented by "machine replacement" is injecting strong new momentum into the transformation, upgrading and innovative development of Shaoyang, an old industrial base, and boosting "Shaoyang manufacturing" to "Shaoyang intelligent manufacturing"

"Shaodong goods" is inserted with smart manufacturing "wings"

3D printed cartoon characters, walking smart bags, automatic induction lighters... On November 26, at Shaodong Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Research Institute, a wide range of novel products attracted the attention of a line of people. They are all produced in Shaodong

"Shaodong goods" was once equated with "cheap low-end". What makes "Shaodong goods" turn into "high novelty" boutiques

the answer was found in the production workshop of Shaodong Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Research Institute

in front of the automation equipment here, only a few technicians are operating precision instruments, and the production is tense and orderly

"we mainly provide intelligent equipment rapid processing services for traditional manufacturing industries. Local lighter, hardware, leather luggage enterprises in Shaodong are all our customers." Liupengfei, vice president of Shaodong Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Research Institute, introduced that the automatic production line of Dongyi electric, a leading lighter enterprise, was formed in cooperation with the Institute

in January 2017, Shaodong county Party committee and government introduced Shaodong Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Research Institute from Foshan, Guangdong Province. The Institute is not only a rapid processing technology service platform serving the traditional manufacturing industry, but also provides basic support for the introduction of intelligent manufacturing enterprises such as robots, automation, 3D printing, etc. to Shaodong

at present, the Institute has deep hole drill precision machining area, precision carving precision machining area, vacuum heat treatment workshop, mirror spark machining area and other functional areas; It has 4 large-scale processing equipment, 12 high-speed precision carving machines and other high-end technical equipment, more than 60 professional technicians and more than 20 professional design teams

Chen Shuqi, chairman of Hunan Dongyi Electric Co., Ltd., told that in 2017, through cooperation with the Research Institute, Dongyi electric realized "machine replacement", and its output value increased by 40% year-on-year under the condition of 80% reduction in labor for easy connection with office and other office software

the successful experience of lighter industry transformation was "copied" by Shaodong county Party committee and county government to leather bags, hardware, printing and other industries in order to measure and control the experimental process

relying on Shaodong Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Research Institute, Shaodong county successfully introduced 21 high-tech enterprises last year, including Feituo automation, Zoje precision, Xianlin 3D, Lianhua UAV, yizhi software, Yingfeng energy saving, etc. These newly introduced enterprises cooperated with Shaodong's traditional industries such as leather bags and hardware, which opened the technological shackles for industrial upgrading and development and helped complete the modernization transformation

in 2017, Shaodong county achieved an annual output of 11.5 billion lighters, and injection molding lighters accounted for 70% of the global market share; With an annual output of 300million sets of tools and hardware, more than 70% of the products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Hong Kong and Taiwan; Schoolbags account for 70% of the national market share and sell well in more than 70 countries and regions such as Russia and Brazil

Shaoshang returned home and favored "intelligent manufacturing"

on the 27th, the global Shaoshang conference was held. Shaoyang is particularly lively these two days

"it's shocking that so many high-tech enterprises have settled in Shaoyang." This is the feeling of businessman Tang Lingbo after visiting Shaoyang economic development zone

Tang Lingbo is a native of Wugang and operates a scientific and technological service company in Guangzhou. He said that Shaoyang has undergone earth shaking changes in recent years. Many enterprises in the park have realized industrial 4.0 manufacturing, and industrial transfer has begun to take shape, gradually becoming a fertile land for everyone to compete for investment. He came to inspect the industrial agglomeration this time, hoping to invest in his hometown

before Tang Lingbo, more and more Shao merchants had returned home and invested in industries such as intelligent manufacturing

located in Shaoyang production base of Asia Fuji Elevator in Shaoyang Economic Development Zone, the robot production line is producing elevator doors. Several 304 stainless steel plates were grabbed by one robot and then "transferred" by the other three robots. A few minutes later, they "became" a finished elevator door

"only two people are needed to operate and program here. In the past, nearly 80 people were needed for a production line." Wang Yaohui, chairman of Asia Fuji Elevator Co., Ltd., is from Shaoyang County. He said that the enterprise has been working in Pingshan, Shenzhen for more than ten years. In recent years, Shaoyang has developed very fast, so he decided to choose the expanded production base in his hometown

"I have deep feelings for this land. Returning to my hometown is also a kind of feedback. I hope it can be built better." Wang Yaohui told that at present, nearly three of the executives in Shaoyang production base of the company are from Shenzhen head office. With the opening of Huai Shao Heng railway at the end of this year, the number of high-speed trains from Shaoyang to Shenzhen will be more and faster, and the communication between the two places will be more convenient

in the overall plan for the demonstration zone of undertaking industrial transfer in southern and Western Hunan, it is particularly proposed to give play to the positive role of Shaoshang in developing the Southeast Asian market and actively participate in ASEAN regional cooperation. The Shaoyang production base of Fuji Elevator in Asia has just been completed and put into operation this year, with orders from many Southeast Asian enterprises. The next step will be to actively expand the markets in Southeast Asian countries such as Laos, Vietnam and South Africa

more Shao merchants returned home, focusing on intelligent manufacturing, advanced equipment and other fields

at present, Shaoyang Economic Development Zone has attracted 133 Shao merchants from the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta. The special glass headquarters of CLP rainbow group, Zhuhai Hengqin environmental protection equipment manufacturing, sound lithium battery manufacturing, etc. have been stationed one after another. Asia Fuji Elevator, Tongda Auto Zero, Hengtian ninth five year plan, etc. have been put into operation successively. Strategic emerging industries such as equipment manufacturing, biomedicine, electronic information, etc. are in the ascendant

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