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Shaoxing power cable trenchless crossing 380m River project successfully completed

"The last five meters, the last two meters, good accuracy of the experimental data! The cable is in place, stop the machinery!" at 10 a.m. on July 29, at the Guandu site under Fenglin East Road, Jinghu new area, Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, the power cable trenchless crossing 380 meters of the river, its political achievements also made its popularity soar, and the project was successfully completed.

the construction site was immediately jubilant, and everyone applauded each other. So far, Shaoxing power construction has set a new national record, four circuit 110kV power cable crosses 380m river without excavation

according to Qi Bolin, a senior engineer of Shaoxing Electric Power Bureau who directed the construction on site, the trenchless underground laying of power cables is a new process, which is currently limited to crossing more than 200 meters in China. The biggest problem of trenchless laying of power cables in rivers with a span of 380 meters is the undamaged cable dragging technology

in order to implement this construction, the Management Committee of Jinghu new area and Shaoxing Electric Power Bureau jointly carried out many scheme demonstrations, and invited experts in the province to review and guide. For the seemingly simple underwater crossing, 1. In conjunction with relevant departments, we have studied and formulated policy documents such as the medium and long term development plan of the automotive industry, the action plan for the sustainable and healthy development of offshore engineering equipment manufacturing industry (2017 (2) 020), the action plan for the development of additive manufacturing industry (2017 (2) 020), and the guidance on promoting and standardizing the development of civil UAVs. In fact, there are great technical problems. From the initial site survey, measurement and positioning, to the smoothness of the film, it is important to add the slippery agent, to the horizontal drilling, then the reaming and threading, and finally to the completion of cable drag and drop, a total of 8 technical processes are required. The technology of cable drag and drop involves traction speed, pulling force, friction and heating of cable jacket, etc. any slight mistake in any link will lead to the final crossing failure

"the underwater cable crossing not only maintains the beautiful scenery of the landscape Avenue in the new area, but also saves space and location. Shaoxing Electric Power Bureau has contributed a lot." The relevant person in charge of the Management Committee of Jinghu new area said

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