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Special shaped beverage cans show their personality on the metal packaging stage

according to the printing technology report, no matter what industry they are engaged in, the market trend will give decision makers an opportunity to evaluate the current situation, and decision makers need to make a correct judgment on the market development direction before the trend arrives. The development trend of metal packaging industry is closely related to the development of metal materials in recent years. Special shaped beverage cans with unique charm are becoming a model of metal packaging innovation, and will become the mainstream of the market in the future

shaped cans are divided into iron cans and aluminum cans in terms of material, and there are several ways of forming, such as expanding shallow relief, shrinking medium pressure and closing. Special shaped cans can be used to manufacture aluminum cans, steel cans, aluminum aerosol cans, tinplate aerosol cans and tinplate miscellaneous cans

one stone arouses thousands of waves

consumers' requirements for the quality of life are increasing, and they pay more and more attention to the appearance of daily necessities. With the increasing popularity of Coca Cola and some multinational beer giants for special-shaped beverage cans, special-shaped beverage cans are becoming a new packaging highlight and growing in the field of metal packaging. In less than 10 years, special-shaped packaging cans have developed rapidly abroad

Heineken, an international beer brand, invested in the construction of the first 330ml specially designed beer can production line in Australia in early June 2005. This special-shaped can is in the form of small barrels, which can not help but remind people of the situation that they cooperated with crown bottle cap company to produce special-shaped cans in North America and Britain three years ago. At that time, this packaging form only appeared in the American market. In Australia, it is the first time for beer packaging to appear in this amazing special shape. However, practice has proved that Heineken is very suitable to use special-shaped cans for packaging, and the "keg" beverage cans have completely occupied the beer and beverage market in Australia. Heineken has therefore triggered a new packaging revolution in Australia. This latest 330m1 shaped can has made Heineken gain a higher reputation. In Australia, traditional aluminum cans of beer have occupied a stable position for a long time, and the sales of canned beer are gradually rising. The emergence of shaped cans has further promoted the development of the whole market. The success of Heineken shaped beer cans in Australia has greatly promoted the development of this new technology. Heineken has been using this kind of special-shaped cans in the retail packaging of high-end food since June

while the crown bottle cap company is pushing special-shaped cans, its peers are also taking positive actions. Amcor company in Australia has launched a vb375ml special-shaped tank in 2003. This kind of packaging can is sold in limited quantities and is mainly used to celebrate the international cricket match held in Australia. VB Cricket Shirt shaped cans are designed very uniquely, with athletes on one side and embossed VB slogans on the other. The 12 shirts of the cans contain 12 kinds of cartoon images of athletes

compared with the previous vb375ml tank, the new special-shaped tank provides a higher degree of touch on the tank, which is known as the strong combination of VB trademark and VB Series in each international cricket competition. After the successful negotiation with crown bottle cap, Amcor was allowed to use the patented technology of crown bottle cap. In January, 2004, Amcor announced that it would produce shaped cans in Australia, mainly for the packaging market of beer alcohol mixtures and soft drinks. Amcor's beverage can factory has installed production equipment in Rocklea, with an annual production capacity of 250million cans

the company's special-shaped can products can successfully open the Australian market, mainly benefiting from the latest packaging concept advocated by the Organizing Committee - enhancing customer competitiveness. VB Cricket Shirt shaped cans are the result of the close cooperation between Amcor and cub. In the production of this new product, we must first print the packaging can, and then quickly generate the final shaped can through a special molding machine. High pressure air is used to replace the metal model, so that symmetrical or asymmetric shapes can be generated

Amcor believes that whether it is in Australia or in the international beverage market to check whether the switch is leaking electricity, its special-shaped cans will create more business opportunities for users

technology is the primary productive force

coke, Pepsi and some other large non-alcoholic beverage manufacturers are optimistic about shaped can packaging. In 1997, crown bottle cap company began to test special-shaped aluminum cans. Drawing on the successful experience of the past, crown bottle cap company quickly opened the special-shaped aluminum can beverage market, and the economic benefits are very good. Some enterprises are trying to put special-shaped cans into functional drinks

in the spring of 1999, the special beverage cans made by crown bottle cap company for Heineken have become popular in the American market. In 2000, ball company designed two-piece cans by using the high-pressure water molding technology of Zhongzhu. They supplied special-shaped packaging cans for Meile beer company in Phoenix and San Diego. The development prospect of packaging cans mainly depends on the profits of beverage products. Ball believes that the profits of the beer industry are high, and the hygiene and environmental protection of products are worth a lot of investment. Therefore, in 2001, the shaped cans produced by crown bottle caps have been widely used in Heineken beer packaging in Britain and Europe. In the same year, anhenser Busch also released to the society the "teardrop" shaped beverage cans produced by the crown bottle moving cover company away from the fixed fixture for micrau beer and micrau light beer. Crown bottle cap also produces shaped beverage cans in brewston, UK, and sigland, Texas, USA. The production capacity of the two plants has reached 2.5 billion cans respectively. Based on the maturity of heteromorphic technology, crown bottle cap incorporated a patented principle of molding system technology, which mainly uses air or heating to blow up the model. The characteristic of crown bottle cap company is that it never touches the internal coating of the packaging can in the processing process, which is a very important innovative technology for the beverage company

cannex selects the most outstanding and excellent packaging and processing enterprises from can manufacturers all over the world, so it has created more winners in the fierce competition. In 2003, its gold medal was awarded to CCl container company in the United States. Its aluminum shaped cans were used by Snape beverage company for the packaging of mistic re fruit juice drinks. Its feature is that it has a bottle cap that can be opened and closed automatically. The key reason why CCL container company can win awards in two fields is that they pay more attention to technological innovation and product differentiation

innovation is the catalyst for market development

shaped cans have also attracted much attention in Japan. As early as 1996, Japan developed special-shaped iron cans and won the gold medal at the "cannex, 1997 Exhibition". Yamato, Japan 2 The working environment for the placement of instruments should be kept clean. The bottles and cans produced by the equipment won the can making Award for the first time in 2000. In February of that year, kraft food company of the United States applied the packaging to its fruit juice beverage products. As soon as the product was on the market, the market response was quite enthusiastic. The can is a spiral shaped aluminum container coated with polymer, with a spiral cover (which has been widely used in Japan and is very popular). In 2003, Dahe company won the annual can making Award for the second time at the cannex Asia Exhibition held in Singapore. The winning work this time is the 355ml aluminum beverage can developed by him, which is characterized by the spiral relief texture and auxiliary pattern on the surface of the packaging can. This packaging can was first unveiled in the Japanese market in March of that year. It is specially used to package the products made by Takara, a rice wine producer. The products are mixed with alcohol and fruit. It is called sukish, which means "I like it" in English. In the field of three piece drink cans to ensure the normal operation of the machine, Dahe won the Gold Award for three piece drink packaging with 150ml shaped cans of dry Geogia royal coffee, a Coca Cola product

plan ahead and explore the development path of the Chinese market

after China's death, some related industries have shown growth momentum, which will inevitably drive the growth of domestic demand and export of the metal packaging industry. In the next few years, China will have a large development space in the field of metal packaging containers. Therefore, the molding technology of special-shaped cans with more novel shape, better visual effect, better hand feel and stronger brand protection ability will be the selling point that world-class empty can manufacturers dream of

according to the feasibility analysis of the special-shaped tank Market, the biggest problem at present is not only that there are barriers to the introduction of technology, but also that the cost of special-shaped tanks is relatively high in terms of price. Can consumers not only accept the appearance of special-shaped cans, but also accept its price? After investigation, there is still a certain resistance to products such as pesticides and beverages in the market

however, for air fresheners and automotive care products, special-shaped cans have special ornamental effects and anti-counterfeiting functions, so that brand products can be accepted at a higher price and have market advantages. For consumers of different ages, the market potential of special-shaped cans is also different

of course, no matter how severe the market environment is, it can't stop the special-shaped cans from showing their personality on the stage of metal packaging

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