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Introduction to the history of treasures PK printed copies

with the accumulation of history and culture, China has produced countless literary and artistic works, whether famous paintings or masterpieces. However, the dent depth measured by the punch displacement is the experimental result. How to preserve the treasures and authentic products left by history

a printed copy of a famous painting or classic appeared. Not only for ancient famous paintings, in modern times, a printed copy of a famous painting has the function of decoration and beautification. Hanging an original painter's work with crooked melons and cracked dates at home is not as pleasing to the eye as a printed copy of a famous painting. Secondly, it also has the function of dissemination and promotion. Although printed matter has no commercial value in the auction market (except for some limited edition printed matter), because of its existence, we can enjoy these masterpiece

the simulated print is different from the ordinary print. With the development of modern printing technology, the simulated famous paintings can make the texture, strokes, materials, etc. of the real original works, making the visual effect more realistic and more convenient for the viewer to cross space and time, and have a deeper emotional resonance with the painters who adopt the hydrostatic oil film gap sealing technology

a female painter who came to China to give a speech said that I think the painter's works can be compared in this way, that is, museum level paintings and print level paintings, and now print is flooded. Originally, the painter's Kung Fu is not good, the painting is not good, and the color is not right. As a result, once a collection of paintings turns into printed matter, it looks good, and the tone is unified.

although printed matter makes us unable to appreciate the authentic work, the role of printed matter cannot be ignored. With the continuous improvement of printing technology, printed matter can imitate and copy the original work in a high degree of coincidence, and even the true and false are difficult to distinguish, so that we can easily touch them through printed matter when we can't see the authentic work

print helps spread. Due to the limited conditions, we can't see many works, but with the help of printed copies, we can see the beauty of the works, which we can't ignore. The printed copies of famous works can meet the needs of some people and have a certain market demand

this also means that the requirements for printing technology will be higher and higher. For example, color management before printing can enhance the ability of professional design and better realize WYSIWYG through efficient, predictable and mature color management. It will bring the following benefits:

(1) the printed copy accurately matches the expected color

(2) use different devices to achieve color consistency at different times and on different media

(3) shorten the production cycle of products and reduce the rework rate; Still in the period of need strategy opportunity

(4) reduce production costs and improve work efficiency

(5) improve customer satisfaction and product quality

(6) the color seen on the digital manuscript printed on the display or digital proofing machine can be completely consistent with the color of the final print

what is also worth mentioning here is the printing process, which can also be said to be the whole process of visual and tactile information printing experiment speed 100mm/min brush replication, including pre press, printing, post press processing and sending. Is a door set; Photography, art, craft, chemistry, electronics, computer software, hardware technology, coupled with environmental considerations, is a complex and powerful technology. That is, through overall planning, photography, word processing, art design, color separation, plate making, printing, post press forming and processing, the technology of copying art, words and images in batches as required

of course, printed matter is only a medium, which facilitates our appreciation needs, but if we want to enjoy it, taste it, and finally get something, we need to appreciate the original work. Good works cannot be replaced by other ways

now art has diversified and the art market has an unprecedented scale, but the real competition between the museum level and the print level still cannot stop

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