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Hong Kong Glass Group Yutian International Holding Co., Ltd. has five independently developed Low-E low radiation coated glass production lines, two in Nanjing, one in Beijing, one in Guangdong and one in Wuhan. In addition, our company has established a foreign trade company in Hong Kong, logistics in Tianjin, and logistics in Wuxi and Shanghai, Therefore, it has largely replaced the traditional molding and foaming technology in the industry. Changzhou and other places have branches

our main product now is Low-E glass. The current situation of Low-E coated glass market is directly related to the prospects and development of our company

at the end of December last year, the United Nations global climate change conference in Copenhagen came to an end. It has become a global priority to promote energy conservation and emission reduction, and to explore an environment-friendly economic growth model that reduces carbon emissions. As the main emission source of greenhouse gases, the spatial structure, function, industrial nature and operation mechanism of buildings directly determine whether China can achieve the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction

therefore, the national goal of building energy conservation is that by 2010, one third of the new buildings in the country can not see the problem in a short time, and achieve the goal of 50% energy conservation, including about 600million square meters of energy-saving glass, and about 100million square meters of new energy-saving glass every year. It is estimated that the annual growth rate of Low-E glass demand in China will be as high as 50% in the next five years, but according to authoritative statistics, the current annual output of Low-E glass in China is only 50million square meters, which is far from meeting domestic demand. There is a big gap between demand and supply. At present, the annual output of our five production lines ranks fourth in China. The other three companies are listed companies. Only we have not been listed yet, so the prospect is very broad

with the conclusion of the United Nations global climate change conference in Copenhagen at the end of December, promoting energy conservation and emission reduction, seeking for low-carbon and environment-friendly economic growth models have become a global priority. As the main emission source of greenhouse gases, the spatial structure, function, industrial nature and operation mechanism of buildings directly determine whether China can achieve the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction

according to the "Eleventh Five Year Plan", the design scale of 50% energy saving will be fully implemented for new buildings, and a national scale system and technical support system of 65% energy saving will be established in four municipalities directly under the central government and the northern region. One of the key links of building energy conservation is the energy conservation of daylighting windows, which accounts for more than 50% of the whole building energy conservation. The energy saving of daylighting window mainly depends on the glass it is installed. In order to reach the existing national building energy-saving standards, the daylighting windows of buildings must use insulating glass, Low-E glass and other engineering glass. Data show that the energy consumption caused by glass doors and windows accounts for 40% of the total building energy consumption. Therefore, the implementation of the national building energy conservation policy provides a huge development space for China's engineering glass

at the same time, in terms of international trade, our products are exported to more than 70 countries and regions around the world, mainly Asia: Japan, South Korea, Singapore, India, the United Arab Emirates, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Mongolia and other countries. Europe: Germany, Britain, France, Russia and other countries. Africa: Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, etc. America: the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina and other countries. Australia: Australia, New Zealand, etc

the annual export volume reaches more than 30 million US dollars, equivalent to more than 200 million yuan

because of the huge development space in the market, we can't be satisfied with the status quo. Through the examination and evaluation of the market, the company has made the latest five-year plan and will strictly implement it

in order to meet the market demand, the company will invest in the construction of four

500 ton low radiation float glass production lines within five years.

in China, the Low-E production line has been increased to 1. The outstanding humanized description makes the experimental operation simpler. 0

solar panel film production line, 1

LED conductive film production line, 1

silver mirror production line, 2

color lens production line

according to the company's plan, We are going to use 500-1000 mu of land in Sheyang, the hometown of the chairman, for investment and plant construction

if everything is finally achieved according to the plan. What effect will it bring to the local area

1. Tangible

tangible means direct economic development and increase of employment. After the completion of the project in the plan, at least 2000 jobs will be provided. In terms of economic development, if the project is completed, Sheyang will become another glass production base in China, even the famous glass city in China. There are many such situations in China. For example, Shahe, Zhangjiagang and other places. Take Shahe for example, it is now China's Glass City, which is the effect of a float glass production line. Finally, a glass industry chain will be formed, bringing tens of billions of output value every year

2. Invisible

invisible is that our project is started and completed locally, which will make Sheyang become another glass production base in China and improve the popularity of Sheyang invisibly. Colleagues and business partners at home and abroad will all come to visit and inspect the place. It is also an invisible pull to the local economy

within the economy, it specifically refers to the new opportunities of the industry discussed with you at the China Chengdu Construction Expo in April 2021 under the cycle of higher continuous operating temperature

in 2020, with the outbreak of the global epidemic and the prevention and control of the domestic epidemic effectively controlled, the global economic pattern has also undergone great changes, and China is moving forward under the strong strategic deployment of national policies [details]

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