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Functions and precautions of piston ring of motorcycle engine

basic functions of piston ring:

1 Air tight function: it can prevent the gas leakage at the top of the piston whose sample is generally short gauge distance (generally normal temperature sample)

2. Heat conduction: the high heat generated after the explosion can be transmitted to the cylinder wall through the piston ring to achieve the effect of heat dissipation

3. Lubrication and oil scraping: it can prevent excessive oil from entering the combustion chamber and fully lubricate the cylinder wall

4. Maintaining the movement direction of the piston and selecting the best piston ring for the engine has been well known by the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises

in the whole engine, the volume of the piston ring is not very large, so laymen will mistakenly think it is a simple part. In fact, it is not. The role of piston rings is as important as valves in the heart. Improper selection will cause bad phenomena such as eating oil, scratching the cylinder wall, reducing horsepower, fuel consumption, and "increasing noise"

due to the insurmountable relationship between technology and equipment, the products produced by ordinary small-scale factories are not only poorly shaped, but also rough and unstable after careful inspection of some subtle characteristics, or violate the design principle; After use, the engine obviously cannot maintain the original design performance, and causes great damage to the engine. This is not only because the control must be based on the input information, so choosing piston rings produced by professional manufacturers with world-class brands can ensure stable quality, but also the only way to maintain engine performance and prolong service life

significance of piston ring engraving:

the engraving beside the closing mouth of the piston ring has two functions: one is to distinguish the directivity, and the other is to explain the size, position and manufacturer of the piston ring Wait

generally speaking, the functional design of the piston ring has its directionality because of its section shape, so when installing the piston ring, be sure to face the engraved side towards the top of the piston, otherwise it will not only fail to function, but also damage the whole cylinder

the mark on the right side facing the outer circumference of the piston ring joint is usually the identification mark of the manufacturer, such as "R" (for Taiwan Riyan manufacturing). Sometimes for easier distinction, it will use "1R" and "2R" to represent the position of the piston ring, or "RN" to represent the material using rik-20. (end)

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