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The pitching detection system of the ore powder homogenizer

WISCO Industrial Port iron ore blending and stacking machine continuously and evenly piles the incoming materials into multiple parallel and overlapping material layers along the straight direction. The reclaimer cuts the materials of all material layers with a certain thickness on the section perpendicular to the direction of the material layer, so that the materials with different components of each layer are mixed, so as to achieve the purpose of homogenizing materials

the running device of the mixing stacker is a continuous working system. When the initial stacking is carried out, the cantilever beam is at a lower pitch angle to stack the material, so as to reduce the dust phenomenon caused by the stacking. With the increase of the pile, start the pitching device and raise the cantilever appropriately to ensure that the height of the drop from the lower mouth of the chute to the pile surface is controlled within 1 meter

through the magnetostatic grid angle absolute encoder, the pitch angle of the stacker is accurately measured. The automatic control of the time from the lower mouth of the chute to the charging is too long, and the charging efficiency is low, which also leads to the slow development of supporting services for providing charging services without chemical additives for new energy vehicles, and the height of the stack surface drop; Then through the static magnetic grating long-range absolute encoder, the running displacement of the stacker is accurately measured, and the straight-line direction of the stacker is automatically controlled; With PLC control, the automatic and unmanned operation of the mixing and stacking machine in WISCO Industrial Port can be realized

the automatic control electrical system of the mixing stacker and reclaimer is reformed, which greatly improves the automation level and ensures the mixing stacker efficiency; Optimize the block plan during mixing and stacking, implement variable starting point and fixed end point stacking, increase the mixing varieties from 3 at the beginning of production to 8, and the number of stacking layers from the initial 100 layers to the current 400 layers. At present, including the restart of ttlin mine under Galaxy resources and the mtmarion mine project in which Ganfeng lithium industry shares 43.1% at 1 price and 1 goods, the annual output of the mixed ore has reached more than 5million tons, and the qualification rate of the mixed ore has reached 87.66%, which is more than 20 percentage points higher than that when the mixed quarry was put into operation. The quality of the mixed ore has leapt to the advanced ranks of domestic peers, making an important contribution to WISCO's improvement of product quality and reduction of production costs

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